My pochette broke :(

  1. My pochette accessoires zipper broke (the lil pull thingy fell & I don't know where it is) :crybaby: Any of you guys had that problem before? Do you think they'll be able to repair it at LV?
  2. I'm sure something can be done if you take it to LV. It probably won't cost as much as if you broke the entire zipper! It's ok, I'm sure they can fix it!
  3. So sorry! They've repaired worse, so I'm sure they can help you out.:yes:
  4. Definitely take to one of the LV store. I'm sure they can assist you. If it looks like it was a defect on the craftmanship, maybe they'll replace it for free. Good luck! :smile:
  5. Thanks guys! I so love this forum! :wlae:
  6. Yeah you should take it back to LV and see what they say about it :yes:
  7. It should be fixable. Sorry it happened.
  8. The tab on my zipper came apart and they fixed it for free.. they also offered to replace the tab but I didn't want a brand spankin new tab on a patina-ed bag.
  9. LV will definetly help you out.....and I can't imagine it would be that expensive!
  10. ^^ I agree. Just take it in.
  11. I am sure they can fix it! :smile:
  12. Thanks!
  13. Don't worry they will fix it for you..good luck, keep us update..
  14. I hate it when my "toys" break too! :sad:
  15. ^^ Yes, please take it to an LV boutique and let us know how it goes!