My Plumping Lip Gloss Is Scaring Me.

  1. I just got Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss (available at Target) from a friend for Christmas. It is so tingly, what is this??? It almost burns, but it makes me nervous, why it is happening and what it is doing to my lips. Could it cause side effects? Does anyone have any insight on plumping lip gloss and whether this is harmless? I like the colors, but I don't have much experience with plumping lip gloss...
  2. nahh... don't worry about it . :yes: that's just the ingredients in the plumper that's tryin to rev up the lip circulation, which makes the lips plumper.

    if it's causing irritation, stop using it.. but the tingly sensation is normal. i think i've been through 8 lip plumpers and so far.. Pout Lip Plumpers are miracle workers, + if u use it for about a month, the plump would be long term. i think u can get that from any high end department store.
  3. ^woosh not anymore! Pout has been discontinued! I've been stockpiling Pout items like a crazy woman!
  4. ^^ hee hee...!! me too! i've got 10 tubes sitting in my drawer right now! :biggrin: