My plume is here!

  1. Yay - finally it was here when I got home today....a long awaited box on my doorstep....this is from Jill's Consignment on-line, a used box plume size 28 - I love it! So very light - and in great shape, a few scratches...but yummy!! Long enough handles...perfect!! And a very nice price....:yes:

    PlumeHbag 001.jpg

    PlumeHbag 002.jpg

    PlumeHbag 003.jpg

    BTW, it is pictured with my 32 rouge h kelly for size comparison - the 28 is plenty big enough for me!
  2. YEA!!!!!:roflmfao:

    What a great bag. I love it:love: .
  3. Beautiful! Congratulation!
  4. Congratulations, Shoes! Wow!!! Hey, I didn't know you had a rouge H kelly!!! What leather is it? I'm using mine today and I love it!
  5. Thank you girls! Yes, that was my first purchase this time around! It's chevre and I love it....and love how light it is too! That one I also got a good price on from e-bay...
  6. Congrats on your new bag! It's lovely!
  7. Oh my gosh that is so pretty!!!! :biggrin:
  8. love your plume! looks beautiful!
  9. Congrats! I love the plume, and it looks great on you.
  10. Love it!!! Can't wait to get mine! I'm jealous of all your bags!:heart: :love:
  11. Congratulations. I was never a fan of the plume until I tried one for size in the store. Mine is a mini and when I first touched it, I saw fireworks. It was like falling in love.
  12. congrats!!!!!!!! Another plume lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is the color ebene? My plume is 28 as well, i find it quite roomy and the as u said the handle is quite long and comfortable. I love the simple and clean way it looks.

    Enjoy this great bag!!!!!!
  13. I love, love, love it!!:love: Super choice and the scratches are no biggie. This bag is a classic!
  14. Thanks everyone - it is black - it's funny how after loving handbags you can find different styles work better or not for you. I love that it also has 3 inside pockets (one divided into 2) also - and it is very clean and simple, yet wide and plenty big - addicted you're going to love it! Hermesbb, your's is the bicolor one, right? I looked at the pics recently - sometimes it's good to go back over some of the older posts again!
  15. Shoes, I'm still debating between the 28 and the 32 (leaning towards the 28.) Thoughts.....? :smile:
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