My plum purchase!!

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  1. I have a new bag!! First off, I have to say...I'm not much of a purple girl. However, since joining this board and seeing all of ya'lls fabulous purple bags...I think I might have a change of heart! I saw this bag in this beautiful shade of purple of the FP store and fell in love. I just couldn't afford her at the time. Well, thanks to everyone on here, I was told that Nordstrom had these lovelies on sale. So I called up my local store and they didn't have any. :sad: But could order one! Yay!! I just got it today. Here she is, Miss Plum Hailey.


    This photo was taken with flash:

    And this one without, it's more true to the real color:

    And this is my sweet kitty, Toby. He LOVES boxes. I think that he thinks that I order stuff just to get him a box! :smile: He didn't waste any time getting in this one.

    I have to say that the icing on the cake was the price. It was on sale for $198. However, they offer a price match and they price matched the Dillards sale that was going on last weekend!! So, I got 30% off and then 30% off that. I ended up paying $146 before tax! Woohoo!! :yahoo:
  2. Wow! You got a great price! I saw this bag IRL and it is gorgeous! Love it, congrats and enjoy!!
  3. What a great deal! What a beautiful bag! Congrats. Now I want a purple bag!
  4. Congrats on the Plum Hailey!!!!
    She is Beautiful!!!! Nordstrom is the best for ordering!!!
    Your Kitty is very cute and fluffy!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  5. GORGEOUS.... I love her.... and Toby is adorable too....
  6. once you go purple you never go back. LOVE THAT BAG
  7. congrats! it's gorgeous!
    isn't plum pretty!!
    i just got a large plum wrislet
    and i ordered something plum that i'm getting saturday! can't wait!!!
  8. The color is gorgeous and so is the kitty:smile:
  9. Thanks ladies!! You all are too sweet. I would have taken more pictures but my camera batteries died on me.

    LuvsElvis - This was actually my first time ordering with Nordstrom and it was great. I will definitely order from them again. Everyone I spoke with from my local store and the CS department were extremely nice and professional.

    ghall - I really like the plum wristlet. Congrats! I saw the small Plum wallet at a local Macy's over the weekend on clearance. I wasn't sure if I wanted it because it was so small. But now, since I love the color so much, I'm kind of regretting not getting it. What plum did you get? :graucho:
  10. Yum!! Beautiful!!
  11. Great color!
  12. I got a plum large maggie :smile:
  13. Btw. Just wonderin- how long did it take to get you bag fron the time you ordered? I jusg ordered something from nordstom too!
  14. Gorgeous Hailey! Enjoy her, she's so pretty.
  15. What a great purse! Very pretty! Don't ya just love the plum color?! Like you, I wasn't a purple person either until I laid eyes on the plum Maggie. I knew I had to have her. I get so many compliments on the color.