My Plum Le Fab

  1. Fed ex man brought it today and I couldn't be happier:biggrin:
  2. beautiful. This color is gorgeousssssssssssss IRL
  3. Ohhhhhhhhh...*drooling* It is absolutely EXQUISITE-LOOKING!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. :love: :heart: WOW!!, I've never seen one before:heart: :love:
  5. :heart: :heart: Stunning...that's one classy bag :yes:

  6. Very nice, enjoy!!
  7. Oh my, I really like this color...
  8. That is one FAB bag!!!!! Congrats!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. wow - that is one gorgeous bag!
  10. OMG!!! Congrats!!! I just ADORE your Plum Le Fab. I am SO jealous! :P :love: :smile:
  11. That color looks yummy, congrats
  12. Very nice - it's a beauty!
  13. :amazed: :love: CONGRATS!!! GORGEOUS COLOR!!!:love:
  14. That is sooo gorgeous! The color is divine!
  15. wow!!! so pretty! :love: