My plum ergo

  1. i think i got the picture now
  2. Congrats, so pretty!
  3. I just love the ergo plum color - BEAUTIFUL TOTE!!!
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!! PLEASE join our ERGO club!!!!!!!!
  5. Lucky you, I love that bag! :woohoo:

  6. Great bag! Congrats!
  7. Very nice! Congrats!
  8. hey "momofgirls" this is "mom2boyz" your new ERGO!!!! The plum is beautiful!!! ENJOY IT!!!:woohoo:
  9. Love, love, love your plum Ergo! Congrats on your awesome purchase.
    You will find this bag very neutral and it sure goes with alot.
  10. woohoo!!

    I love this bag!! I have been trying convince myself that I don't need this color.. but I love it!
  11. YAY!!! you got the pic posted!!!!! Looks gorgeous!!!!!! Congrats on the lovely bag!!!!
  12. Hey, Taralindsey help me:tup::smile:
  13. I love ergos in plum. :love: They are beautiful and I love yours.:tup:
  14. very pretty, congrats!
  15. Beautiful! Love the Ergos! :love::heart::love: