My plisse without the plisse! & xtra eye candies

  1. My H plisse has been hand washed, ironed and dried countless times!:yes:
  2. Why would you buy a plisse and then iron it all away?:confused1:
  3. 1. i loved the design flat.
    2. my hot flashes were consuming me.
    3. i bought this scarf (HMad) before I had hot flashes.
  4. What detergent do u use?
  5. believe it or not, dior 24, I use dreft for babies or ivory snow for babies- no flakes-the liquid.
    I never never use woolite on anything...i believe it breaks down the fibers, (i am very old school and i wash everything- even my armani navy blazer, all my bendel cashmeres to my brooks brothers jackie o seersucker shift.
    i knwo this is off toopic and i do not want to go against rules!!!!
    dior 24, feel free to pm me for "old style" laundering & pressing!!!!
    (I am uh...the tpf-er who has a dedicated ironing room.)
  6. I see some stripes in pic 3, will those go away eventually do you think?
  7. Since the instructions are for laundering an H scarf, perhaps it is within the rules? I really need to know how to wash my H scarves.... When I wear them I get hot flashes and they get "un-fresh" really fast. I don't trust dry cleaners. Help!!
  8. I do not care for the chemicals in the dry cleaners.
    To clean my Hermes scarves,
    I fill up my bathroom sink with cool water (i suppose if you are a bit skeptical you can use spring or distilled water!)
    i add some baby liquid laundry, gently swirl it around.
    take it out after 5 minutes or so,
    gently squeeze, do not ring, wrap in white terry, squeeze, lie flat to dry, iron thru a ironing sheet or white pillowcase.
    Now you are Holly Go Lightly!!!!
  9. arcangel, thank you! Please, what iron setting do you use? Is the Silk setting ok.....( I don't trust irons, entirely )
  10. thanks, archangel. my maid is now reading your instructions.:smile:
  11. I like the slight texture it still has. Pretty scarf!
  12. Pretty scarves!!
    Thanks for the instructions.
    I think I'll try washing my scarves!!
  13. It's confusing that there are 2 tPFers with similar IDs ...

    archangel vs arcangel
  14. thank you all, glad to help!
    may i say there are two arcangels here!
    I am the one without the "h"!
    An easy way to remember is I am the one without the two "h"s!!!
    1. I do not have an "h" in my name
    2. I do not have an H ermes Birkin...sniffle ...sniffle....

    My iron is on mid high. you read that correctly!!!!
    I use lots of steam, spring water in my Rowenta (the one Martha Stewart has, and i didnt even know it!!!)
    i can pm u a picture if u like!
  15. Arcangel!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Is that "Escales Mediterrenee" (sp?)? I love that design..........

    Actually, I do the same thing when I wash mine. Soak the scarf in cool water with some baby shampoo. Press dry rolled inside a bath towel and leave to dry flat. Then I iron. Works like a dream!!!!