My pleated ergo satchel decorated

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  1. I got my beauty last thursday but couldn't post pics cause i'm in the process of moving and was cleaning non stop last week. I had no time to take millions of pics haha. Anyway, since many members posted a lot of pics and comparison pics of the pleated ergo satchels i decided to just post pics of my bag with the new scarf i got. Soo here she is....Enjoy!

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  2. She's very pretty, dressed-up. :tup:

    I think I love this bag in any color!
  3. Congrats on the ergo satchel and I love the scarf with it!! So adorable!
  4. what a cute idea and u did a great bow!
  5. Really nice.
  6. Thanks Amber! But honestly, i think the bow looks horrible. I tried my best! haha. But this one turned out to be the best looking one so i took pictures of it. I'll keep practicing...
  7. that is so gorgeous! really matches the lining aint it..
  8. I really like the black satchel, even tho the other colors are nice. The black one just looks :tup:.
  9. That scarf is perfect for that bag! :yes:
  10. the scarf look really nice, great choice! congrats!
  11. Your bag is so nice and well decorated.
  12. BEAUTIFUL TnC! I love it... looks so pretty! Congrats!
  13. Love it, looks great, and if thats a bad bow you can come and tie mine anyday.
  14. Very Cute!
  15. Oh she's so beautiful!!! The scarf just makes her POP!