My Plea for Sympathy

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  1. Only my fellow TPF'ers will understand my feelings right now. Distraught, on the verge of tears and my heart is racing - I need some LVOE! :crybaby:

    I purchased a little pre-loved Epi Agenda from Ebay and it got delivered to my work yesterday after I'd left according to my delivery confirmation. I just went downstairs to pick it up....... AND NOBODY HAS IT.

    I'm so upset. I want my Agenda! It wasn't expensive so I'm not really worried about the money as much, but I was so excited to be getting it today and to head down to LV to buy some shiny new refills.
  2. I really hope it turns up.:flowers: I would be soooo annoyed, is there a chance it is just sitting buried on someone's desk?
  3. Oh my - that has to be so disappointing. Hopefully it turns up soon!
  4. Oh I understand how you feel! I would be disappointed too! Hope it turns up soon! :flowers:
  5. Oh no! Did someone have to sign for it? Can you find out from the delivery company? I don't know your workplace, but if it doesn't show up soon I would put out word that your delivery was somehow 'misplaced' and if it is found please give it to you asap!

    Good luck, I hope you find it. Please keep us updated with this!
  6. I am sorry to hear about this. Don't give up, look around and ask people in your workplace to assist you with the search.
  7. Oh no!!
    Let's hope that whoever signed for your package hid it somewhere safe for you.
  8. Thanks for your kind words everyone, I needed them! :tender:

    I work in a secure building so items usually are delivered to our mailroom. For some reason my package was signed for by the security desk (thankfully I have the name). They are all scurrying around looking for him, hopefully he turns up soon!
  9. O no... I hope it turns up soon. I would feel the exact same way you are feeling.. GL
  10. I hope you find it!!
  11. I hope someone didn't take it!
  12. Oh my....i am already feeling so anxious for you. :-s

    Really dislike those people who signed on behalf to be so irresponsible. They should always think themselves in other people's shoes..... :nogood:

    It will turn up soon, no worries!! :biggrin:
  13. You poor thing! Hopefully they find the guy and it was all just an honest mistake. I'm sending positive vibes your way. :smile:
  14. My boyfriend just pointed something out...

    How would the guy know it was LV? Unless he opened it, which I doubt he did. Maybe he slipped off to use the restroom and hid the package somewhere while he was away?
  15. OMG IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy :party: It seems that the security guy from yesterday just placed it in the wrong area.

    It came with the most adorable little note and it's in waaaaaaay better condition that I expected. I guess I'll have to post pics now to prove this all wasn't in my imagination.

    Thanks Everyone :hugs: