my plaza too order is here....

  1. I finally got my matinee in saddle (the website said mocha but is really saddle with mocha suede) and I love it!! the leather is sooo yummy, and the leather is in excellent condition, after my bluefly experience I was expecting the worst. I hope I can remember how to post pics.... btw my new matinee is next to her sister (midnight/pewter):tup:
    IMG_00602.jpg IMG_006022.jpg
  2. They both look gorgeous!! I am still waiting for my midnight/pewter matinee from Plaza Too. Seeing your pictures, now I can rest assured that it will be a beautiful bag. Congrats on getting the saddle matinee too. I regret that I didn't grab one while the deal was on. :love:
  3. She looks sooo pretty! The leather does look amazing and smooshy, I want to squeeze her!
  4. I was just musing to myself...I feel like TPFers have made the Matinee even more popular than the MAM in the past few months! Anyone agree with me?

    Sorry to the OP (didnt mean to hijack!)

    I LOVE YOUR BAG! It looks so smooshed-out and YUM! Congrats!
  5. congrats! they look beautiful together! cant wait for saddle matinee is supposed to arrive tmrw! yippee!
  6. Lots of cuteness going on in that photo! Congrats on your new bags! Can't wait to get my Plaza Too order, but it won't get here till Friday.
  7. Gorgeous! You've got RM in the two bread-and-butter colours to play with!
  8. Beautiful!

    I love the midnight leather! The saddle looks super yummy too!!
  9. I'm so in love with the matinee style, today I returned the MAM from bluefly and honestly the shape didn't impress me (I'm talking about the MAM), but the matinee was made just for me ;), and the leather on both is TDF
  10. Smoooooshy!!! Congrats!
  11. Love it! now i need a saddle MA or Matinee!
  12. They're both awesome-- those are the perfect colors, not too trendy & good year-round.

    I'm a Matinee convert too, not that I love my MAM & MA any less, but the Matinee is such a wearable shape. It's big but you can smush it under your arm.
  13. I don't think I've seen that saddle color before, soooo pretty and unique! Very cute and happy family, congrats!!
  14. congratz!! enjoy the smooshiness!
  15. congrats, amazing bag!