My plastic surgery with Dream Medical Group

K Couture

Dec 3, 2013
Has anyone heard about Dr Hong Jin Myung of Dream. I wanted Dr Park but was told he doesn’t do my kind of open surgery and they recommended Dr Hong. He seems young and new but I like Deam’s natural finish.
From what I've seen he does more dramatic noses tho. Like those kpop style noses. If you want natural don't go to him.
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Apr 19, 2020
For eyes it depends if u had incisional or non incisional. If u did incisional eyes previously he won't do your revision cos he only does the non incisional method.

Nose wise you can message lavinfiend, mrslucky, imei or vanillacreme they all had their nose done there. Vanilla's is i believe she went to Park for her third revision for a contracted nose and he fixed the problem.
Hi @K Couture I am planing to revision my previous incision des with dr park. If dr park don’t revision for incision des which dr at Dream is good with incision eyelid surgery


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May 6, 2020
Hello there!

I'm Thuong Le. I'm planning to go to Korea this July for my eyes and nose's plastic surgery. I've been done a lot of research and had online consultant with some clinics. Up till now, Dream is my first choice. As for my eyes, I got a recommendation from Dr. Yoo Anna to do non-incisional double eyelid as wellas ptosis correction, and fat removal on my eyelids. For my nose, I got a recommendation from Dr. Hong to make my nose a little longer and raise the tip with ear and rib cartilage.

For the eyes, the price is 4,800,000 KRW. For the nose, it is 7,700,000 KRW, and the tutor is 2,300,000 KRW so a total of 10,000,000 KRW. I know this clinic has a good reputation and well known by the locals. However, this is the highest price I've got compared to other clinics.

The online consultant told me right now they are offering a lot of discounts and they can give up to 30%. However, I told them my trip is in July and asked her will the discount last till then. She said if I put a deposit of 50% of the surgery fee, they can give me the same discount of 30%. I don't want to make deposit before I meet their doctors but do you guys think it's worth it? I asked her how long it takes to the surgery day if things go well after I meet the doctors, and she said they can't guarantee the surgery day because once the Corona situation gets better, there will be a lot more patients. I will come to Korea by myself and probably will stay there in 14 days. I'm afraid if I don't book the surgery day before I came there, I won't have enough time.

Could you guys please give me some advice? Thank you so much for your time!!!
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Jul 13, 2020
Thanks for the information and reply. I will take into consideration.

I wonder how do you guys manage to know the Doctors, specialist in and the experience they had. I did try to google around but didn't manage to get any results that I was searching for.
Did you even up seeing Dr. Yoo Won Jae from Dream? If so, how was it? I plan on seeing him soon!