My plastic surgery experience with DocFinder & JW Clinic

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  1. Hello, everyone! :smile:

    I have always wanted to get plastic surgery done because I feel very insecure about my looks. Especially my single eyelids and flat button nose.

    I heard recommendations about DocFinder Korea and emailed them ( ) immediately to enquire about plastic surgery. Shin, who is the CEO of DocFinder Korea was fast and efficient with his replies. Also, he is always very transparent and honest with his recommendations of which is the best clinic for you - instead of just pushing you to opt for the most expensive clinics.

    As a foreigner with no experience speaking the language nor visiting the country (it was my first time!!!), I decided to also engage DocFinder Korea because they provide many services such as translation, bargaining with the clinics on your behalf, transportation, hotel recommendations/reservations, medical advice, hospital and doctor information, appointment booking and solving problems with the clinic... without any charges. Yes, you have read it right - it is FREE!

    I opted for JW for my eyelid and nose surgery as I have heard many good things about the clinic as well. I wanted a more natural result and seen blogs, videos about JW and felt like it was the one for me! And also, because it was within my budget.

    I was picked up at the airport and was chauffeured in a luxurious car to my consultation session. Shin met me at JW and accompanied me throughout the consultation sessions. He made sure that communication between the doctors and I were clear and accurate. After my consultation with Dr. Man Koon Suh, I had a question regarding my nose alar and wonder if I needed an alar reduction. Instead of just ignoring my curiosity, Shin requested for another quick consultation just to let me have a peace of mind.

    I traveled to Seoul alone for the surgery and it was very terrifying to be honest. However, Shin and his team were amazing in assisting with my every need.

    JW Clinic is filled with very pretty nurses and I love how they have a coffee machine with a wide selection of drinks. I felt really comfortable there! The doctors I met were very friendly and spoke fluent English which really helped a lot! I met Dr. Choi Hong Lim for my double eyelid surgery, however, he recommended a endoscopic lift (by Dr. Sang Jun Lee) instead as I have saggy upper eyelids - which came in as quite a surprise for me as I was not prepared for it. But, he assured me that it is the best method to achieve the best results for brighter and bigger looking eyes.

    The bill came up to be slightly more than I expected since there was a change of procedure. But, JW Clinic and DocFinder Korea were very accommodating and gave me a very special discount for my procedures which I can afford and very thankful for!

    After surgery, I heard that porridge and pumpkin juice will be good for healing. So the DocFinder Korea team went all out and purchased these necessities on my behalf! I was so thankful for their kindness and efficiency! Throughout the 2 weeks of healing, the DF team made sure I was safe, comfortable and healing well. I did not have to worry about getting to and fro from my hotel to the clinic as they are always there to accompany me to the post-op checkups.

    I am approaching 3 months post-op soon and I am loving the results! Shin would still check on me from time to time to make sure I am healing well even after leaving Korea. My eyes are definitely lifted from the endoscopic browlift which also helped reduce the wrinkles on my forehead (killing two birds with one stone!) and my swelling was gone after a month. Although the scar from the incision on my nose is still there, however, there is nothing a concealer can't fix :smile:

    Thank you so much DocFinder Korea for making this experience a good one. I wouldn't know what I would do without you! I highly recommend them if you want a smooth and comfortable surgery. But of course, who wouldn't? :graucho:
  2. Hello I am glad that you had a good experience at JW. Could you possibly share more details, price, b and pics, etc? Please pm me

    thanks so much!!
  3. Went to JW last year for a quote. Female doc was super tired looking not caring to stay more than 3 minutes or so and just went off brushing off details stating she was busy and the staff were at best overworked robot lookalikes who just didn't know much and quoted probably double a regular Korean clinic's quote ( that doesn't focus too much on foreigners).
    I didn't also see any doctor's bio ( very weird cause why wouldn't any doctor want to show off their school etc diplomas which most reputable clinics do? ) . I didn't bother checking into them further due to the above reason. Whilst the service you utilized was probably great ( the Shin guy you mentioned), you also have to wonder why the service is free. Probably has relationship with the company etc which is fine if you need those services but if you don't want to overpay, guess then you would have to minus out those free luxury services which if you paid yourself for after some more research could probably be less costly?
    That's my two cents. Meanwhile, I am looking for a clinic to redo my back thigh lipoma extraction ( had extracted it years ago maybe 3 years ago at a regular surgeon's office) and now it's back on and I feel I need a better clinic.
    Anyone tried a lipoma removal in Korea?
  4. Clinics shouldn't be promoting themselves on here. By writing fake reviews, you're deceiving people who are placing their trust in the experiences shared through this forum. You're playing with their lives, for the benefit of making money from it! Shame on you!
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  5. I agreed with you!!!
    My surgery in banobagi last year, I chose to use Docfinderkorea also. One more great thing is i did had my day tour with road manager. She brought me to shopping mall in bus terminal station. Did you guys know about this shopping mall? Not of the foreigners like to go dongdaemon. But I really love shopping in bus terminal station more. I didnt know much about korea before. But i asked all travel informations from docfinderkorea staffs. Luckily I had a great time there and I'm not alone. I'm planning to do nose surgery this year. Hope to here you guys advise also. Thanks

  6. Why did you say that. How do you know she someone at the clinic or something since I read her post and it doesn't seem like she lying here
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  7. You get that vibe reading someone's review or comment.
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  8. Ohh okay
  9. I'm glad that people are able to figure out fake reviews here. Girls take note of them, because there are a few shills here posing as patients from time to time.
  10. Eek that's scary... I've been emailing Docfinderkorea and one of their suggested clinics was JW Clinic. A bit wary of them now (plus their quoted prices were higher than other clinics I was given)
  11. Same I email them too and all the clinic were on my blacklist due to so many bad reviews about them recently
  12. Which clinics did you get suggested and where did you see the reviews, if you don't mind me asking? I was suggested Banobagi, Cinderella, ID Hospital, JW Clinic, and JK Plastic Surgery Center.
  13. That the exact same list that they suggested me here the link to the blacklist they create also I hear that people who did rhinoplasty at jw dream Cinderella usually get a revision later plus there few other post about plastic surgery fail at those places
  14. Eeek. Banobangi was my first choice but it's in that list. I'm gonna thoroughly read through it and see what people have said, thanks!
  15. Most of the top clinics are on that list [emoji5] it freaked me out too! Take everything with a grain of salt, people were telling me that my clinic was bad for rhino the night before my surgery [emoji33]
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