My Plastic Surgery Experience (Thus Far)

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  1. Hi all. I've been a lurker for quite some time. I'm planning to go in September for nose rev + eye revision + breast aug. In 2012 I had eyelid + epi and a rhinoplasty. I thought I'd share my experience so far. I think 95% of the journey is in the planning. The other 5% is just showing up! So here is what I have so far...

    Plastic Surgery History
    In 2012 I went to Grand and had double eyelid + epi + rhino. I had typical monolid Asian eyes and a bulbous short nose. For my eyes I had non-incision and I had soft silicone inserted in my nose for height and length. Despite having short nose correction, the doctor didn't exactly do much to "lengthen" it. I didn't really know what to expect so once I healed I just kind of accepted it. It wasn't a terrible botched job, but I wasn't extremely impressed. Overall I don't necessarily have regrets over having plastic surgery because I definitely would have done it anyway, but I should have visited more clinics, asked more questions, and been more defiant on what kind of look I wanted to achieve. Specific. I should have been more specific, specifically. This second time round I will definitely not go in timid. I set aside one day to visit three clinics. I only visited Grand that day. I waited for a while and definitely got that "factory" feeling, but of course I was very cognizant of it at the time. One thing I remember distinctly was while I was waiting in the entrance, an older man (he looked like a doctor) brought a younger female (she looked like a consultant) in a consulting room and started screaming bloody murder at her. I don't know what it was about, but definitely unprofessional. At that point I was too tired, eager, and anxious to consider other options, so I stuck with Grand.

    I think I paid around 5 million won for my eyes and nose.

    This Time 'Round
    I started emailing clinics in April about cost estimated and procedures. I went a little crazy this time emailing a ton of clinics just to get a feel.

    1. View: This was a top choice for me, prices not too outlandish.
      • Inner canthoplasty: 1.5 mil
      • Outer canthoplasty: 1.3 mil
      • Nose: 4.5 mil
      • Breast: 8.5-11 mil
    2. Cinderella: I liked the results of Cinderella, but I don't like it when clinics split up the costs of a surgery like for rhinoplasty, because of course I'm going to want to raise the bridge AND change the tip too. I'm not going to do one and not the other. They sort of go hand in hand. I easily eliminated Cinderella off the list based on cost. The price for breast augmentation is outlandish! I had a consultation with a top doctor where I live for breast aug and it costs more at Cinderella than it would at home. Plus, for breasts I kind of trust docs here more than in Korea. I know you shouldn't choose clinics entirely on price, but a major point of doing surgery in Korea is being able to get a bargain on procedures while still having good care.
      • Epi: 1.5-2.2 mil
      • Lateral epi: 1.5-2.2
      • Nose: 2.3 mil
      • Tip plasty: 2.3
      • Osteotomy: 1.5 mil
      • Breast aug (round): 10 mil
    3. TL Plastic Surgery: I wasn't sure what to expect from TL. I liked the pictures from the clinic and I had not heard anything too polarizing about them.
      • Rev inner canthopasty + rev ptosis correction: 4 mil
      • Rev rhinopasty: 6 mil
      • Consultant offered a discount for all nose & eye procedures for 8.8 mil
      • Breast: 7 mil
    4. Dream Clinic:
      • Epi: 1.4 mil
      • Lateral canthoplasty: 1.2 mil
      • Rhinoplasty: 3.9 mil
      • Septum ext: 1.5 mil
      • Breast: 11 mil
    5. Grand Clinic: I emailed them just for the heck of it. I thought they might be sympathetic and offer a good deal to fix the mediocre job they did. Nope! They only gave me the price for breasts. I'll just leave it there...
      • Eyelid rev:
      • Ptosis correction:
      • Magic epi:
      • Lateral epi:
      • Rhino rev:
      • Upturned nose correction:
      • Breast: 7.7-8.5 mil
    6. Wonjin: I always thought they were too expensive, but I gave them a try anyhow. I always liked the dramatic change in their photos.
      • Non-incision rev w/ ptosis: 2.4-2.9 mil
      • Incision w/ ptosis: 2.9-3.4 mil
      • Epi rev: 1-1.5 mil
      • Lateral canthoplasty + hotzcanthoplasty: 1.3-1.6 mil
      • Rhino rev [bulbous/blunt nose: columella ext, rim grafting, nostril reduction, bridge+tip implant, lateral osteotomy]: 7-8 mil
      • Breast: 6.5-8 mil for round / 8-10 mil for tear drop
    So far I'm leaning towards TL, not far behind probably Wonjin. I think at this point I will most likely be visiting these two. Hopefully I'm able to get some more discounts once I visit in person in the fall.
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  2. I am thinking of going to TL for my revision too. Please keep us update and share your experience please
  3. I'm surprised dream is only 3.9m for a revision! Is it with dr. park?

    Ps. best of luck with everything :smile: keep us updated! I'm getting a revision done in Dec so I'm particularly invested in all revision rhino cases.
  4. I'm pretty certain View quoted you the regular price (non-revision). When you get there, they're going to tell you that your nose is a revision case and the price will change. But money aside, if you go ahead with your rhino at View, you will certainly love your new nose! I did for mine. It's been 2 months post-op and it's very lovely.

  5. Hi Tinzy,
    I am also planning on going in September for nose revision and magic epi also. Let me know if you would like to meet up during that time for consultations. I plan on going to Dream for the rhino revision and Teium for the magic epi.

    Just some background is I did the epi along with DES and did not like the epi at all as I felt like it made my face look too sharp and older. Too much of the inner corner was showing. So in 2014 I had a reversal of the epicanthoplasty and I think it was a great job by the doctor but now my eyes look a bit too close and there may have been some overcorrection. I am probably just looking for a small amount of epi changes and I know what I want now. For the rhino I originally had silicone plus ear cartilage for the tip and had it taken out along with the tip grafts by Dr. Park at Dream via the closed method. It has been a while and I think I am ready now to consider doing a revision rhino.
    Good luck with you decision making!
  6. Is silicon better or gortex getter?
  7. It differs by individuals and their aesthetic goals/situation. I suggest googling the two because there's a lot of info online ^_^
  8. I think silicon is easier to remove compared to gortex.
  9. I would not rely on photos from Wonjin. But then again it could be just a bad marketing rep who did it (tldr: I know one model they provided free surgery, they posted exaggerated photoshop of his before photo and claimed he did facial contouring when he never did, only rhino and epi).

    Goretex tends to fuse with the skin, silicon just sits there but a said depends on which part of the face and what are the goals.
  10. Research in will needed a lot~ thanks!!
  11. Fuse with the skin as in, it becomes a skin...????!!
    I want to do my nose...would silicon be better than???
    Has anyone had theirs done with gortex?
  12. The advantage of Gor Tex or silicone coated Gor-Tex is that a small amount of tissue ingrowth is possible (fusing with skin) that stabilizes the implant. The disadvantage of solid Gor-Tex implants is that they undergo some shrinkage over time with loss of volume and at times length, which can be problematic. Silicone has neither tissue ingrowth or shrinkage, but is stabilized by a capsule of tissue the body forms around it.

    For you i guess it depends on your skin (thickness) and how much work you need to get done. All artificial implants have risks of extrusion (since they are not natural in the body). If you want to be on safer side go for cartilage. But if you do decide for artificial implant personally (this is my opinion) I would go for silicon on bridge (not tip, tip should always be cartilage) as in case it starts to extrude (hopefully not) then you have time to go for a revision without damaging the skin. Gore Tex is more complicated doing revision as if some of tissue fused to skin then you can imagine the part extruding is already thin.
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  13. yeah i have heard silicone is easier to remove than goretex is easier to remove in the event of a revision. The benefit of goretex is that tissue does grow into the implant and keeps it in place but when you need to remove it, it may take some with you.
  14. Right...thank you for letting me know!!
  15. Thank you! This is a very helpful and informative answer! ^^
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