My Pity Party

  1. I'm to broke to buy anything for PCE (darn kid and his college costs!) so I'm throwing my self a pity party.:crybaby: I'm treating myself to cheesecake and a movie tonight. Afterwards, I'll take out all my purses, line them up on the table and fondle them. I keep telling myself I don't need anything new, but the little voice in my head that tells me to shop is not buying it. I was actually tempted to sell my Mandy to buy something new, but I quickly came to my senses. So, misery needs company. Is anyone else in the same boat and having a hard time not running to the store with their creditcards?
  2. I'll come to your party!!! :heart: Actually I can't say I am absolutely not getting anything, because I have ordered the ergo.. BUT I will say that I sold my other bags to get her.. AND as much as I want the matching wallet and some other things I am not getting them.. hubby and I are determined to get debt free and we are paying off our credit cards and just got an emergency fund... so, no new bags for me!!! Sounds like you have some beautiful bags though and that cheesecake.. mmmmmm!!!!! :love:I keep reminding myself that no matter what the product, there will ALWAYs be something out there that is newer, faster, stronger, prettier, shinier, etc that makes us want it! I have decided that I am getting this one bag and sticking with it.. I have no other bags at all!!!! :tup:
  3. I know I should not get anything during PCE as am broke broke broke-but this little voice says that's what credit cards are for. LOL Also my new work buddy wants me to go with her to help her buy her first coach bag and if I get in the store I think it will be all down-hill. I NEED TO BE STRONG.....but oh Carly calls my name. I laughed outloud when you said you would take your purses out line them up and fondle them.....i've done it too. LOL you are in good company.
  4. I will join your party, too!

    I got a PCE card and can't use it(I'm giving it to my mom!) b/c I'm broke,too. I'm still paying for my Ergo!

    I did get $10 off at Macy's. I got a Denim sig stripe Mini Skinny andthe Tortiose---sp?---- key ring (last one and on sale!!!). And I paid cash so I felt okay about it.

    I really wanted to get the denim sig stripe zip around wallet(I do need a wallet and don't have a Coach!!). It was calling my name......:crybaby: I really want it.
  5. I didn't get a PCE card...or call...but I have to go into the Coach store and get at least ONE goody for my RAOK pal, and NOTHING for me! It's going to be tough.

    I'm not allowed to buy ANYTHING. Not even a pack of gum.
  6. I can't buy anything new myself although thanks to PCE I can get my sig stripe tote.

    Cheer up ladies! Just think of it like this - next time, you WILL be able to splurge!
  7. :nuts: I think we all do this every so often! Okay, at least I know I'm not the only one... :roflmfao:Friday night fun!
  8. LOL you ladies are hilarious!!! I only have one so not too much fondling for me. I need more to love but I'm working on the second as we speak. LOL
  9. love the fondling of the bags!!! that cracks me up! now you all know what I will be doing tonight!!! :roflmfao:
  10. Thanks for replying ladies. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who can't buy new bags, although I wish none of us had empty pockets. I added up how much I have spent on Coach over the summer and the total is a little over a thousand. Know wonder I'm broke! I wish everyone who is trying to have willpower and not spend, goodluck! We will need it.
  11. I wasn't going to buy a thing, since I don't have a PCE invite. friend informed me last nite she has a card, and she had no clue really what it meant. She got one last yr, too and gave her EXTRA one to someone else, because she thought I got one!! Man, I was all over I COULD go w/her and get a bag, but I really cannot afford one right now even w/pce so I'm going to think about this.....She'll probably get one again and I can do it then. If I go in w/her, does she have to pay and I pay back, or can I pay w/my card?:confused1:
  12. I feel your pain, I'm trying to get it together for my wedding and I want a Miranda SOOOO bad. :sad: