My pitts just smell!!

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  1. I know there are threads on deodorant, but I don't really sweat. My problem is my pitts stink. I have tried clinical strength secret, kiehls!! Everything. Does anyone have this problem? Can anyone recommend a deodorant that really gets rid of the smell?:shame:
  2. Mitchum is very good. Or, perhaps you need to see a dr (not sure what specialty it would be) to get Botox injections that stop excessive sweating; maybe that and a good anti-perspirant can help (I have no experience with this, but have heard abt it)
  3. When I was in sports in high school, the smelliest guys and girls all used Arrid's anti-perspirant/deodorant. It stays put for 24 hours and you don't smell at all. They have scents for both men and women, and it's totally awesome. I think they applied it right after showering, and it controlled the smell a lot.
  4. Thanks everyone. Demos I am going to try Arrid! Maybe that will help. I dont sweat! That is the weird part. I just have stinky pitts. I want to get rid of that.
  5. Here's a tip for you, you should wash with a deoderant soap first while in the shower/ Love the Gold Dial soap. It will kill the bacteria. Then when you go to use your deod it should be more effective!
  6. Well I used to be a total Ban Deoderant fan, but then I realized it wasn't really working as good as deoderant can work. I switched to Secret deoderant, and it works a lot better and has a nice fresh flower-ish sort of smell to it. I also bought Certain Dry, and I haven't used it yet but I'm planning on using both and comparing the two. (I'll admit that I only bought Certain Dry because the deoderant holder or whatever that thing is that deoderant is in, is kind of cute and pink and black.)
  7. I would also say avoid "powder" scents because at least for me personally, they smell bad on me and almost make it worse. I am sure they work great on many people but don't work for my chemistry.

    I also agree with the tip to wash with soap and water and fully dry them before applying deodorant. Make sure it is dry before putting on clothes, too.
  8. I second using a deoderant soap. We've used Safeguard in my house for years now because anything else bothered my daughter when she was little. My husband started traveling and noticed that his deoderant didn't really work as well if he used that soap that was in the hotel bathroom. Once he started carrying his own anti-bacterial soap with him the problem was solved!
  9. Could your clothes be part of the problem? I always use Oxyclean to remove any odors. Sometimes detergent doesn't do the trick to get out underarm odors.

    Also, try wiping your underarms with apple cider vinegar every day. Let them dry, and put your deodorant on as usual making sure you cover the FRONT of your underarms. I like Degree because it's heat activated.
  10. I like Toms of Maine. More on the natural side with no aluminum. Big fan of that!
  11. I always used Arrid in high school and it worked well. Can't remember why I quit using it. I use Degree now. Also use Dial deodorant soap for that area as well.
  12. my right one just plain stinks. haha. way more than my right pit. even straight after the shower.

    DF says it doesnt smell, but i can smell it.. lol
  13. That has happened to me before. Smelly means there is bacteria, so I used a skin disinfectant right after showering for one or two days. Then I just applied my regular deodorant once the disinfectant dried.

    Just make sure you don't shave right before, cause that would STING like hell!

    Oh yeah, also: try to go as hair-free as possible, since hair gives the bacteria more breeding ground, and thus results in more stink...
  14. OOO that is true with me. One pit smells more than the other. I am going to try anti bac soap as well. Thanks everyone. What about the clothing. I try different detergents. I just cant take this smell. I mean after I shower I am fine for about 3 hours. THEN POW! BAD ODOR!
  15. I use a disinfectant detergent. It works great!