My Pirata Zucca on hold....

  1. Well, I had an emergency vet bill today (:sad:) of over $300 for my kitty cat, and now I can't get my Pirata Zucca that I have on hold with Lindsey at SH. So, anyone who wants one that thought they couldn't get one, please purchase the one I had on hold! I feel awful about cancelling the order, but after this vet bill I don't have any money left until my next check, and all that money goes to paying my rent, car bill, etc!

    I emailed Lindsey and I hope that this doesn't cause a problem! Has anyone had issues with placing something on hold ahead of time, and then not being able to cancel the order even though you haven't verbally given payment and shipping info? I hope they understand! Feedback on a situation like this would be appreciated!

    And if anyone is interested, my kitty, Ronin, has a condition where he gets these little bubbles on his face and he scratches at them. This time, he scratched at them really badly while I was away from home, and they bleed and got infected. Hence the $300 emergency bill. Argh. But he is okay now. I attached a picture of him!
  2. Aww, at least your kitty is okay now. Hopefully you'll be able to get your pirata zucca in the future :yes:
  3. i'm so sorry about what happened! but at least your cat's ok now. i don't think there should be any problems and i'm sure lindsey would understand. since u didn't give payment and shipping info, u haven't bought the bag yet. things happen and someone on tpf would def snatch it up now that it's available.
  4. I wouldn't worry about canceling. I'm sure someone else is going to snatch it up. Glad your kitty is doing better!
  5. Get well soon Ronin.:flowers:
  6. i'm sorry about your kitty!
  7. Aw, poor Ronin. I'm glad he's OK but yeahhh that bill has got to suck for you but your cat is more important than a bag ^__^ Haw man..but what kind of bumps are these? cats never had that, or at least i don't think so? hm.
  8. awww he's so cuute ... I'm glad Ronin is going to get better!! poor kitty :sad:

    don't worry, I'm sure Lindsey will understand. Sometimes things come up that are more important than a purse and people def. understand that.

    Don't worry :smile:
  9. aahh poor kitty...glad he'll get better soon

    my dog had similar case before, he had one tiny bumps on his nose but luckily he didnt scratch it. The vet said it might be bug bites or its because of somehing in the house he's allergic to...

    you must feel pretty bad for not being able to buy the bag...but of comes first than bags! hopefully u can find a better bag in the future
  10. oh! your kitty is very cute! the important thing is your kitty is ok now........we can all obsess about Toki, but at the end of the day, its just a thing.....perhaps another pirata zucca will come along! :smile:
  11. Aww poor kitty D: D: He's so cute~ I hope he gets better soon :3
  12. Take care & get well soon Ronin :smile:
  13. I agree ...hope your kitty gets better :biggrin:
  14. Thanks everyone! He will be fine. This happens about once every 9 months or so, and normally all he needs is a steroid shot - that is $75-100 each time. ARGH! But I want him to be healthy, so I have the shot! Another Zucca will come along, and I am 100% thrilled with my spiaggia gioco....!
  15. Boyfriend to the rescue! He said if I want it for my birthday he will order it for me!