My Pinkalicious B-Bag! LOVE!!!!!!!!

  1. Here she is, my very rare, very gorgeous and very pink FENDI Medium Satchel B-Bag:


    Carly Modeling it:

    It was my Birthday Present to myself! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

    I can just eat it up!

    Congrats! Wear her in good health.
  3. gorgeous, congrats.
  4. i FREAKIN want that bag!!!!!!!

  5. OMG I was sooo lucky to get it. They told me it was the last one in the company!!! I cant wait to wear it! WOO HOo!!!
  6. What a cute b-bag! Congrats!!:tup:
  7. You know I love it! GORGEOUS!
  8. very hot!
  9. That's stunning!
  10. Selena, you know I am living my life through you. I love, love, love that bag. Could you imagine if you had the shoes to got with? MY EYEZZZZ:love:
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Oh I LOVE IT!! Congrats! :love: I want one...:drool:
  13. That is SO hot!! So what shoes are you wearing with them? Looks way better than the stock photos!
  14. oh myyy im not really a fendi bag girl but this pink b bag is sooo pretty!! :love::love::tender: can i ask how much Selena?? i likeyyy..
  15. I really dont know what shoes!!! I have a pair of black with the same color hardware. They are wedges...not really sure however!!!! I cant wait to figure it out!!!