My Pink Obsession & Some Oldies

  1. Never thought that Pink is a color for me
    Until I tried one ... now .. can't get enough
    Present my Pink Collection
    Happy Valentine:heart:

    BG Pink 05 Twiggy & BG Pink 08 Coin Purses

    Rose 04 City, Lilac 04 Mini Classique & BG Pink 08 Coin Purses

    Magenta 05 Day, Magenta 05 Mini Classique, Magenta 08 Twiggy & BG Pink 08 Coin Purses
    IMG_7450.JPG IMG_7451.JPG IMG_7453.JPG IMG_7448.JPG IMG_7443.JPG
  2. Now something from the past

    2002 Black Flat Brass First season 2


    And my 05 shoes bag


    I attach the strap to the shoes bag .. LOL
    IMG_7461.JPG IMG_7462.JPG IMG_7463.JPG
  3. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Oh... what a perfect thread for V-Day! Love, love, love all your beautiful pinks!!!
    This on says it all:

  4. Lastly .... something violet & something SUPER CUTE!!!
    Eggplant 04 & Ink 06

    Electric Blue GGH & Skye Blue SGH
    BG Pink GGH & SGH
    IMG_7467.JPG IMG_7458.JPG IMG_7459.JPG
  5. I love, love, LOVE your pinks - and your oldie!! I am really loving the SGH CP, and is that an 08 Pale Magenta twiggy?!?! Ummm, don't you just love that color in the twiggy? Thank you for the amazing eye candy!!
  6. Gorgeous all of it!

    I love your CPs!
  7. you have the best pinks/reds/purples
    you have these colors in other brands too, don't you? I remember some beautiful Chloes
    I always love your photos! Someday will you post your entire collection?
  8. Wowzer!!!

    Those pics are going down in the "favs" for sure :yes:

    You have a gorgeous collection :love:
  9. What a great collection - the 04 Rose is so beautiful. Just when I think I'm over wanting that color, I see it in a post like this and want it more than ever.
  10. Thank you Simona, CoutureObsess ., wilowsmom, alisonanna, hmwe46 & chuggie
    Have a Happy Valentine Ladies ;)
  11. I loooooove your pinks! Some great choices there :yes:

    Tho colour of that lilac Mini is to die for...
  12. Wow that's a lot of pink, loooove the coin purses ! :yes:
  13. :nuts: :nuts:GORGEOUS,:tender: both pictures & collections!!! What's a girl got to do but LOVE all your PINKs!!!:girlsigh:

    Now you make me want to start a PINK family!!!
  14. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO YOU TOO!!!!! i am not a pink girl, but i still love your taste! gorgeous collection girl!!:love:
  15. :drool::drool::tender: Love your collection Andy_Sach!!!!