My pink colorblock Kristin flap is here (modelling pic)

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  1. My Valentine's day present has finally arrived!

    I've been IMPATIENTLY waiting - and it was SO worth the wait! I adore the bag - it's so well made and elegant - and I adore all the different shades of pink on it.


    I have one question though - I think the ebay seller I bought it from got it at the outlet - do they give dust bags with them? My bag came wrapped in a coach plastic bag?

  2. Here's one more pic with it:

  3. She's pretty and looks great on you!! Most of the time, they leave the dust covers/sleepers in the FP transfer bags but, sometimes they get taken out by the SA and sometimes customers.
  4. Looks great on u. I had gotten a clutch at macys, and it hadn't been put out on the floor, an it came with that original pack bag. Never seen that at the outlet myself, unless, perhaps she requested it, or works there.
  5. ^^ you're brilliant! I'm so silly - I found the dustbag, underneath the paper stuffing in the bag....yay!!!
  6. Stunning and looks awesome on you. You must be so happy!! CONGRATS!!

    (BTW, I never got dust bags with my outlet purchases, only boxes - and I had to ask for those).
  7. Great bag! Looks really nice on you too.
  8. Beautiful! Congrats! I like the size and color of it. Looks great on you!!
  9. Lovely...
  10. What a gorgeous bag! Enjoy!
  11. yea i was told at our outlet that they never give out dust bags. :sad: but that is a fantastic bag and it really looks great on you!!!
  12. Very pretty. Congrats!
  13. so pretty!
  14. I love the color so pretty it looks great on you.:smile:
  15. I have seen that purse at the outlet (and I loved it!) and it had a dustbag inside. Sometimes the original customer returns a bag that is sold at the outlet and they keep the dustbag! Congratulations, gorgeous bag and it looks great on you!