My Pink Chevron Hobo - To Keep, or NOT To Keep???

  1. Okay, so I bought the Pink Chevron Hobo this week - got it yesterday! It is TDF and is SOOOOO "ME". Here's my dilemma - I am being reserved about using it so far because I am wondering if I should just keep it and "GO FOR IT", use the heck out of it and LOVE IT or if I should return it (well, probably sell it on eBay - doubt I'd get much for it at the outlet, where it's from) and put that $$ towards a White ALI, someday?!?! I am so torn: $200 today or $400 in the near future?!?!? I am afraid that if I DO decide to keep the Chevron and then she gets dirty that I'll be frustrated for myself for not selling it when I had the chance. But, if I get the Ali and SHE gets dirty, I'd probably feel the same way. I LOVE how the Chevron is DIFFERENT - an EYE-CATCHER, but the Ali is SIMPLE, ELEGANCE!
    SO....what should I do?
    P.S. "PINK is my SIGNATURE COLOR!" (famous line from....?) :p really is MY color!! LOVE IT!
    chevron.jpg chevronfront.jpg chevroninside.jpg
  2. I LOVE It! It is a great size on you. Spray some leather protector on there and rock it! Plus, lots of people have the Ali, not a lot have the Chevron, so you'll have something unique!

    Rock it girl!!!
  3. oh! and the line is from Steel Magnolias
    Julia Roberts said it about her wedding colors "blush and bashful"

    what do I win this time!??
  4. I think it's beautiful!
    I would deff keep it!
  5. I agree with Court - keep it. It looks fabulous on you. I probably wouldn't use it as an everyday bag.

    Court - you are terrific with those movie lines. The best one from that movie for me was Darryl Hannah's line that her "personal tragedy would not interfere with my ability to do good hair" or something like that!
  6. OMG I am in LOVE!!!!!!

    I have to have it!!!!!!

    Pink is my favorite color too! That is absolutely gorgeous! I would NEVER sell it!!!

    Did you say you got it at the outlet?????
  7. Keep it girl. You bought it for a reason - you love it. Keep it and use it. That's what bags are for!
  8. I think it's a keeper!
  9. Is yours the medium Hobo Chevron?
  10. Thanks girls/ladies (what IS the correct term anyway!?!? Are we too OLD to be called "girls" anymore? I feel too YOUNG to be a "lady") :p
    Okay...I am DEFINITELY KEEPING the CHEVRON! This is exactly WHY I bought it...:
    1. LOVE the style!:supacool:
    2. LOOOOOVE the color!:heart::heart:
    3. It IS different - not a lot of people have it!:wlae:
    4. Can hold a TON, but doesn't look HUGE!
    So...where can I get a suede/leather protector??? And, if/when she DOES get a dirty spot, how do I clean it and with what??

    COURT: you are AWESOME with the Movie trivia!!!!
    BETHIE: I bought it on eBay, but it has the tag on it and it originally came from a Coach Outlet! (in California, I assume, cuz that's where the seller is from)
  11. Bethie, YES it is the Chevron Medium Hobo #3664. It is really a great size - it holds a TON!!!!
  12. Keep it. It's gorgeous!
  13. It is beautiful and so different !
  14. Keep it. PLus, you'll have to worked harder to keep a WHITE Ali clean.
  15. Keep it for sure! It's such a unique bag; I never see anything like it when I go out. It may take a bit longer to save for the Ali, but it's worth it.