My Pink Caviar "Charlotte SATC" bag is here....

  1. Well, my Pink Caviar Quilted Shoulder bag is here(AKA "Charlotte SATC" bag). It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. I think it would look better on me if it was a smaller pochette size. I love the shape, leather, and color, though! :heart:
    Caviar closeup tpf.jpg Full Charlotte.jpg Mirror Charlotte TPF.jpg
  2. Wowsa, what a beautiful bag!

    Maybe you'll feel more comfortable with the larger size in the cooler weather seasons (with a jacket or coat).
  3. OH that's perfect on you! I love that! That's become a popular bag in here this week!
  4. The bag looks great on you!
    Take her out on town and maybe u might like it better...?
  5. It really does look great on you!!!! Enjoy it!!!
  6. Thanks, ladies!:flowers: Yeah, I think it would look good with thick sweaters or a nice coat this winter. It looked sooo cute on Charlotte on SATC with her lovely coat on. I think I'm not used to shoulder strap drop. It's really really really roomy. It would be perfect for winter, though. :yes:
  7. Beautiful :smile:

    Love the pink with gold hardware!
  8. Congratulations! Its gorgeous! It has become popular this week. I carried mine early this week for a few days. I found some heeled boots to match so I can wear it in the winter too. Its a great all year round bag.
  9. Lovely! I think it'll be a great transition bag - it's nice to have a bag that fits comfortably under a coat! Great pruchase!
  10. I love that on you! It's a perfect size. You must keep it!!
  11. That bag looks beautiful on you! They make a similar one that is about the size of an LV pochette ...with a shorter shoulder drop, but with the same color and is 995.....

    If you are not in love with that one.....maybe take a look at the smaller one.....

    Of course, you could always get both and use one for summer and one for coat weather!

    I think you should keep it....since they are hard to find....But you also have to wear what you love and feel comfortable with...
  12. I love it! I think the size is great. Congrats!
  13. its so beautiful..... i love the color
  14. ooh i LOVE it! is this style still readily available at the boutique? She's fab!
  15. it looks very nice on you.
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