My Pine Step came!!! And it's not the one I chose!!!! :(

  1. I am soooo upset! I ordered from Nordstrom in Sacramento. They had TWO Pine Steps. That's all. I was sent photos of both and I picked the thicker looking one and my SA agreed I would like that one better. I noticed in the photo of the worse looking one, there was a scratch on the front. So I definitely didn't choose that one.

    DHL arrives this morning. I am allll excited! I open up the bag and they sent the damn bad one! The one I specifically said I didn't want. I am sooo freakin pissed! I just called and they said they will send out the better one to me with no shipping fee but come on! How could they mess that up? I made it so clear to them! :crybaby: Has anyone had this happen before from Nordstrom? The one they sent me, the leather is dry and thin and not to mention the scratch! I'll try and post pictures later for all to see.
  2. :tdown:can you return it?
    i would return it. i always think they did that on purpose...some people just dont bother to send it back so they will keep it.
    you should return it if you dont like it
    sorry to hear that:flowers:
  3. Well yeah I am returning it and they are sending me out the better one. The SA just has to call me back to finalize. But what do you mean you think they do it on purpose? You mean so they can get the bad ones outta there by people buying sight unseen? Wow if that's the case that is sooooo horrible! :push:
  4. I am glad they still the second one in stock. I would ask for overnight shipping. can you post pics?
  5. Yeah I am gonna post pix in a little while.
  6. Oh no! :wtf:

    I agree, ask for overnight shipping. You had to wait all that time only to get the wrong one because of their mistake. I hope you get your correct bag soon!
  7. They should absolutely overnight the correct bag to you - Saturday delivery, too. Sorry this happened to you...
  8. Do you think they would do overnight shipping? The SA never even called me back. I mean seriously. This is such bad business. I will never order Balenciaga from Nordstrom again now. I had ordered a bag from a NM once and they were the best! The bag came in one day and the SA was soooooo helpful!
  9. Nordstrom is very concerned about customer satisfaction - call back and ask your SA to overnight the bag for Saturday delivery. If she refuses, ask for the manager. I would not stop going higher up the management chain until you get a confirmation that you will have your bag tomorrow. Plus, they should send a 'call tag' to pick up the bag you received in error. That way you won't have to worry about return shipping. Let us know how this progresses. Good luck!
  10. Don't be so hard on Nordstrom Sacto..I personally know all of the SA's there and they are so nice and wouldn't deliberately do something mean like send you the 'bad' one.
  11. Nordstrom has the best customer service, IMO. You shouldn't have a problem exchanging it.