My Piece de Resistance: WHITE LAMBSKIN JUMBO FLAP - pics- !!!!

  1. Here she is: a WHITE LAMBSKIN JUMBO FLAP with black hardware! :yahoo:

    I must say, I didn’t even know that I had a HG bag, until I saw this gorgeous beauty!
    I knew she had to be mine, the exact moment that I saw her. She really is a piece de resistance!

    And let me tell you, she looks so incredibly beautiful and gorgeous IRL. My heart skips a 1000 beats everytime I look at her!
    She feels so soft and she is such a lightweight for a Jumbo! Not to mention all of the cute little details, like the black zipper pull,
    the black twistlock and the black back of the clasp.

    She really is the queen of all my Chanel bags! Thanks for letting me share.
    I took some quick pics right after I got home from work, couldn’t wait to show her to all of you! :love::love::love:




  2. Nathalie!! :nuts: What a pretty Jumbo, wow!! :heart: The black hardware looks soo cool against the plush white lambskin (and the leather looks so yummy and soft, I want to use it as a pillow haha)! :p Enjoy your newly found HG haha, yay… congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  3. OMG Nathalie, it is 2die4. U just want to reach out and touch it, lol. Congrats and have fun wearing it!!:tup:
  4. wow what a cool bag! that zipper pull and the black CC are so killer! :drool:
  5. OMG :drool::drool::drool: That is GORGEOUS!!!! I didn't know Chanel made a jumbo like this??!?! Details please? Is this a new release?

    And someone talk some sense into me about how WHITE lambskin is a no-no for a mom with a toddler!?!?!?!?!?

    OMG it's so beautiful!!! I envision a totally different life with this bag: I'd be dressed in all pristine white (or all black), with lightly tanned skin, going to lunch with my friends who are fun and single!!! Hahahaha.
  6. Urrrgghhh.... the contrast of the black and stunning!! congrats on the great find!!
  7. i, too, LOVE the blk & wht contrast! stunning.
  8. I agree! Love the crispness of the bag and how the black makes the white 'more' white. GORGEOUS!

  9. Oh what the! When I read black HW I was thinking maybe she had her mind on the White jumbo and black at the same time. But WOW Black HW!!! It's so pretty congrats!
  10. That is a piece of Heaven. Like an Angel :angel:

    Makes me want to reach through the screen and touch her :love:

    CONGRATS NATHALIE!:tender::woohoo:
  11. gorgeous bag! congrats! the black really compliments the white
  12. WOW ....that is so pretty. I don't think I have ever seen this combination before...amazing. Congrats and enjoy. If you don't mind me asking what was the cost on is sure making a lot of ladies swoon.:love:
  13. omg nathalie...that bag is TDF!!!!! :nuts:

    whats the info on the bag--what year is it from, where did you get it at and how much???

    sorry for all the questions but wow, its gorgeous!!!
  14. I was not aware that Chanel even made a bag like this, I have never seen it before. The black against the white is very attractive, very unique! I just love the way it looks. Is this an LE bag? Details, details!
  15. im dying here. wow details details