My Pics!

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  1. :nuts: I adore both of them and am happy I took both!:lol: ! What do you think?
    new001.jpg new006.jpg new002.jpg new007.jpg
  2. OMG! *** jaw just hit the keyboard****
    LOVE THEM- I am getting the Green Baggy Gm this week...LOVE those bags!!!!
  3. Wow! so pretty, congrats star! I love the green neo the most!
  4. I like both!!!!!! You are one lucky lady, enjoy them.
  5. They look great!
  6. oooh they are gorgeous! congrats!
  7. Do you have anything fuchsia or framboise you could take a pic of the pink speedy with? I am wondering what color it most closely matches. Which do you like best, the pink or the green? Great pics, Thanks!
  8. Star ~ They Are Gorgeous!!! Of Course, They Both Look Amazing On You!!!!!
  9. I am so jealous!!!! Didn't really care for the denim line until I saw these pix. Enjoy both of them! (Is the denim soft?)
  10. Visit my bag showcase for more of an Idea, more pics,....some pink in the Cavalli top I am wearing. I lovethepink one, it brightens my day!:love:

    Everyone THANKS!!!!:P :P :P
  11. Yes it's soft and slouchy, when the tissue is out of the bag it's REALLY soft and slouchy!
  12. Star, they're both so cute! I really like the pink :love:
  13. Star, both are GORGEOUS! I think you made a good choice in getting both. And your outfit is fab like always
  14. I love how it looks! I'm am very jealous that you have two
  15. Cute cute bags!!! They look great on you. I love the shade of pink. It's very fresh and invigorating! Have fun with them!
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