My pics of Colin Farrel!!

  1. So I told you all last week that I happend to see Mr Colin Farrel while I was doing some work for the Today Show. Just thought I'd show you some pics... DROOL :nuts: :girlsigh:

    ( still have my :heart:, and no, I'd never leave you for him)
    colin1.jpg colin2.jpg colin3.jpg colin4.jpg colin5.jpg
  2. Wow ! you have a great selection of pics, what wonderful memories to share with your family & friends back home. :heart:
  3. ^ He shook my hand and talked to me for a minute... it was on TV... I had NO idea!! My mom called to tell me it was on tv and I nearly died. I was like a little girl... his accent is quite :girlsigh:
  4. Your trip to NYC is going to be memorable, huh, Megs? Colin is such a cutie!
  5. He's such a hottie!!!!
  6. Haha, I probably would not be able to say anything to him.
    He's so hot!!
  7. yum! lucky you!
  8. yummy!lucky you Megs!:flowers:
  9. hes so cutee! i wish i could meet him in real life too!! lucky you!!!
  10. OMG Megs! You are such a lucky girl!! LOL :nuts:

    Colin Fareel is my dream bad boy!! Just on my dream though..:wlae:
  11. You are having too much fun! I want to be in New York right now! Thanks for the pics-he looks great.
  12. dude is such a whore, but he's definitely not bad to look at! lucky megs!
  13. Colin Farrell is one of my favorite actors to stare at. I just saw miami vice and while the plot was lacking being able to look at him on screen made up for it!
  14. he's cute but i hear he is such a jerk! glad you're having fun in NYC megs! will see u soon.
  15. OMG, I so love Colin Farrell He's my crush, my Ideal guy,I OVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him lucky you!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH:heart::girlsigh: