My Pic of Luke Wilson from Last Week!!

  1. I just shook his hand and waved good-bye to him... on his way out of Letterman!!!! :yahoo:


    He is sooo nice.. stopped to take pictures and sign autographs with everyone- just a really genuine down to earth HUNK!!!!
  2. :shocked:!!!!!!!!! YOU WHAT!?!?!?!?

    Megs that is so awesome! Luke Wilson is freakin' HOT!
  3. Lucky Ducky! Luke Wilson is soooo YUMMY!
  4. He was SOOO nice and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. You go girl!
  6. Sweeeeet!!! He's super cute!!!
  7. Ohhhh, I LOVE Luke Wilson!!!!!! He's so HOT!!!! You're SO lucky!!!!
  8. How cool! Lucky girl!
  9. So lucky!! He's adorable (like him even better than Owen). I first saw him in a comedic episode of the X-files several years ago. He was hilarious in it and I didn't know who he was at the time but then saw him in Home Fries and Blue Streak, etc..
  10. luuuuucky! he is so cute!! he is slightly ahead of owen in my book too golden
  11. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! So envious!
  12. Agreed, he is my favorite of the Wilson brothers!
  13. You're so lucky! :nuts:
  14. WOW Megs!!!! You lucky girl!
  15. OMG - I just adore him. He's so handsome! :heart: