My Piano is ruined!

  1. I could cry...
    I am very meticulous with all my bags.. even asking for an extra chair at restaurants for them.. (don't laugh, I am sure most of you are the same! hehe)
    Anyhow, I had a big lapse in judgement and put my Cabas Piano under my seat in the train.
    I don't know what was under that seat.. but my vachetta bottom has a huge oil slick and black spots throughout. It is disgusting and I am beside myself! I tried a few different things to clean it.. but it is stained for life! :crybaby:
    I called 866 VUITTON for an estimate on replacing the bottom.. $340!!! I am now wondering if it's worth it.

    So.. now I am considering either buying a Mezzo or a Batignolles Hori.. or maybe another Piano...

    Any opinions or ideas? TIA!
  2. so sorry to hear that. Can't believe cost that much money to replace it.
  3. ugh. That's tough. I'd buy a new bag first. Then, I'd save the stained bag in case in the future you decide you want to get the vachetta replaced. For the new bag, I'd buy something different that you want besides the Piano....

    geesh. This could happen to any of us... so sorry!
  4. I know Vivian.. and the worst part is it has to be shipped to San Dimas in California.. gone for 3 months or more. UGH!
    Also.. I figured if I replace the bottom, maybe I should replace the straps so all the leather is pale and new.. but the straps are $82 each.. so here I am halfway to a new Piano. Although.. if I did that, it would be like new as the monogram and lining are immaculate.. but still, to go without it for months makes me grumpy...

    Veronika.. I am leaning toward your suggestion.. thinking of buying a new and different style. Bat Hori is on top of my list as the Mezzo has that darn leather bottom like the Piano.
  5. I wouldnt worry about it. if it bothers you sell it and replace it with a BH. No point getting a mezzo with the same bottom.

    Personally I would leave it and just use some MR Clean Ereaser on it and doe my best to clean it up. turn the bag upside down in front of the window and let it tan... soon you wont notice it. Unless you're walking under your bag.
  6. Yeah I'd get a new bag first, especially since if and when you do have the vachetta repaired, you won't be able to use it for quite awhile. I agree with the BH, that's a great bag and there isn't any vachetta on the bottom to worry about.
  7. Did you try any kind of leather cleaner? This may sound strange but since it's already ruined how about trying a drop of dawn dish washing liquid on a damp white wash cloth to get the oil stain out . If it comes out then I would take a fresh damp cloth to remove the dawn and then wipe the bottom evenly with a damp cloth not to leave a strong water stain. You might find a real leather cleaner that could work also. good luck .
  8. Sorry to hear that! For $340 to replace I think maybe it's better to get another bag.
  9. Oh that is awful. I love that the BH doesn't have the vachetta at the bottom. I feel like I don't have to be too careful with it.
  10. I would just get a new bag, $340 is a lot to replace the bottom. Just buy something new and just the piano as an every day type of bag which you could just fling around and not worry about it getting messed up.
  11. Great advice.. thanks so much! I think I will try the Dawn and perhaps a good leather cleaner.. it's not like I can ruin it anymore than it already is.
    I also like the idea to "tan" the heck out of it in the window.
    AND.. I will take the opportunity to buy myself a "new" bag.. the BH is sounding better and better all the time!

    Again, thanks for the opinions and advice! I feel better talking it through with tPFers!
  12. Oh sweetie I feel your pain! I got a few spots on my CP bottom when I was at an outdoor party in laguna last spring and put it on the GRASS (on its side) without a napkin first :push:. Somehow I thought putting it on its side would prevent spots on the bottom but nope. Yuck! I tried alcohol free baby wipes and it helped a little but oh well no such luck.

    Anyway, I agree to just go for it with the Dawn cleaning attempt and find another bag too. Love the's a differnent look from the CP but much more worry free.

    Good luck and hugs!
  13. Great suggestion! So sorry this happened to you!
  14. So sorry to hear that!
  15. That is really sad. Is there any way you can take it to a leather expert to see if it can be cleaned up as much as possible? Then invest money in a new bag to cheer yourself up!