My Phoebe was great on vacation!

  1. Ladies,

    A few weeks ago I got a black Kooba Phoebe from Saks.
    Last week I went to Rhode Island and used this bag everywhere I went! It was great b/c it fit my money, license, etc and my camera and some makeup.
    I used it as a cross-body bag and it worked out great!
    I made DH take some "action shots" which I'll share soon!
    Definitely try the Phoebe out - I love it!
  2. ^^^
    Thanks for posting this, I've got my eyes on a black Phoebe, think it will be such a functional bag for when you don't want to take a lot...

    Is the strap really long enough to go over the body? Looks more like a wrist thingy in the photos...
  3. ITA! I got my black Phoebe right before a trip to Las Vegas. I love the front inside pocket; it's perfect for ID, $$, room key, and a credit card. I put my cell phone, camera, and lipstick inside the main compartment.
    I also used mine as a cross body bag.
  4. Sorry, got the Phoebe mixed up with the Josie...
  5. Can't wait to see.........
  6. Great! I'd love to see some pics of how you used it..the little bags are so cute, but I always worry I won't be able to get enough in em!
  7. As promised :smile:
    IMG_4281 (WinCE).JPG