My PF08 Siwa leather Camera Bag is Here!!!! come and lOOK!!!!


Je Aime Vuitton
Nov 15, 2006
Middle of Nowhere
Hi all it's been a wile since I updated you guys so I wanted to show you what I got today! =D LV never fails to please me and made this wonderful prefall siwa leather line, first let me tell you about the bag, the leather is so soft and it has a green olive color this bag is small compared to my other LE's now 6 but it makes up for it's 3 zipper compartments and cellphone holder so no reveals or graphite but here it's my PF08 Siwa Leather Camera bag in Taupe=)

What's in the box?

BTW this is what the closest to the actual color of the bag I don't have good light.

Back pocket with Louis Vuitton plaque I now have 4 bags with the same tag inside.

Middle compartment, I didn't include the front pouch but it's pretty much the same gorgeous lining almost looks lazer made.

Who said I only collected black colored bags =D

Sacoche likes to join the fun.

Obligatory action Shots =P

Thanks for looking! =)
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Sweet Pea

Sep 19, 2007
Your Siwa Camera Bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your reveals because you have excellent taste, Congratulations!!!
Jan 22, 2008
I saw it when I was in Singapore. My fave sa showed me the briefcase model as well.I regret that I didn't take them. I love the white one as well. Anyway congrats for the new bag. It looks great on you. Gorgeous model with a great bag.


Apr 16, 2008
I'm very jealous. I saw this bag in another color and like it so-so but this one is beautiful. I love your whole collection btw!