My PeTs


    that's my chihuahua Paris,,, (I DID NOT name her) lol,, my mom did, and I think it's soo cheesy haha,, but I love her to death!! She is the sweetest dog ever!! :yes: awwwww

    and this is my cat Brandy,, she is also very sweet!! And surprisingly, she gets along well with with Paris!! :flowers:
  2. omgosh so adorable!
  3. So cute!!! both of them. I like Paris' dress. :smile:
  4. So cute!! Chihuahuas are my favorite breed!!:smile:
  5. Both are so cute.
  6. Paris and Brandy are adorable!
  7. :smile: Great pictures!

    Your baby is too cute!!! Chihuahuas are so precious--a friend of mine has one, and I just love him!!! :heart:
  8. Thanks!! :smile: Chihuahua's are great dogs,, very loving,, but very hard to paper train,,,, lol,, It was quite a change growing up with an English Bulldog,, and a few years later having this tiny 5 1/2 pound dog lol,, She never stops eating,,, She would eat a whole cake if she could!! :wtf: :yes: haha