My Pet Peeve...the word "Amazing"!

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  1. I don't know what's going on lately but on television, radio, restaurants, stores whathaveyou I seem to be hearing the word "Amazing" a lot...have you? :confused1: It's starting to drive me amazingly crazy!! :rant:
  2. ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!
    Havent noticed that word...LOL.except I do ADORE watching the AMAZING RACE!!.
    I personally use the word DUDE alot just to annoy PHH...ROFL...the evil side of me cant stop.
  3. I say amazing, but not because it's randomly in vogue after centuries of existing in the English language. It's the appropriate word sometimes.
  4. The one that used to get totally on my nerves was; "I'll touch base with you" (especially real estate agents), man, that phrase annoyed the hell out of me!:yucky:
  5. I find it weird when adults say "watchamacallit". It's silly.
  6. LOL! Me too!
  7. A friend of mine thinks it hilarious when people describe having sex as 'bumping uglies.'

    If you think about it, it is kind of funny.
  8. Are you kidding?! I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I'd been noticing everyone around me saying "amazing" also. I mentioned this to my friend a month ago and she said, "Really? Actually, I do say that a lot!"
  9. The word that really gets on my nerves is "classy"- I much prefer elegent or sophistocated. I guess I just hate words that end with an ee sound.
  10. Yes, I have noticed celebs use the adjective "amazing" to describe just about everything! what's it like working with XXXX? "Amazing!" how was it shooting in Afghanistan? "It was amazing, the people there are so amazing!" how's your coffee? "Amazing!"

    tis truly the new buzzword.
  11. ok....murasaki and mademefifi....isn't it Amazing that we've noticed this new buzzword. I was at the jewelry store and the clerk kept saying the word "amazing" and it drove me away to say "good-bye".
  12. Hmm...I use amazing when someone really helps me they go out of their way to do so, I'll say thank you, you were amazing....
    I wonder if that annoys them?
  13. lol I wouldn't worry about it!!

    There are much bigger things to stress over than the word "amazing"...and if someone gets annoyed by you telling them they were amazing....then I suppose they're not really that amazing afterall!!

  14. Please forgive...the word "amazing" in itself doesn't bother's just that it's so overdone especially on "The View" and shows like that. :shrugs:
  15. "amazing!!!!" Yep. time for this word to die. buh bye..