My pet peed on my Balenciaga!!

  1. :wtf: He did it on my Ocean City! :cursing: I poured water on it & while the water has dried normally the pee spot is still dark and it smells, of course! :crybaby:

    Does anyone know what I should do? Is it OK to put Pet Spray Remover on it!? I don't have any leather cleaners :sad: Should I clean it with soap and water?
  2. don't put the pet spray remover on it! I think that would ruin it further! I suggest you emailing Barbara from LMB and see what she says before you do anything to it! She's helped get out certains stains on bbags of tPFers if I am remembering correctly!

    oh and I'm so sorry this has happened! But good luck and I'm sure you will be able to rectify the problem w/some professional help!
  3. :huh:Oh NO~! I'm w/ Mintpearl... dont use any cleaners or chemicals to treat it just yet, get in contact with LMB.. and see what Barbara recommends. I know you feel the urgency to treat it now.. but the "unknown" of what will come out of it may be permanent. Hang in there Verty, Call Barbara tomorrow morning~!
  4. verty definitely don't do anything until you talk to barbara. It will probably take a while, and dry back to normal color. However, she can give you advice on how to get the smell out.

    I spilled a whole soda in my vert gazon day, and it dried back to normal with a teeny tiny bit of discoloration.
  5. Oh my gosh, what is it with puppies today! Someone on the Hermes forums dog peed on their Hermes!

    Where do you guys leave your bags that a dog can pee on them? Even with my cats (before I got my puppy Chloe) I never leave my bags anywhere they could lay on them.

    I sure hope you can get it out. I am so sorry. Boy, talk about being in the doghouse....that dog is is so much troouuubbllle!
  6. Verty - I'm sorry to hear about your puppy's accident :sad:. I am crossing my fingers that all will work out in the end. Please keep us posted on the outcome!!!
  7. Thanks ladies... I will e-mail LMB and see if she gets back to me. Otherwise I will call her. The smell is not too bad... he's just a 2lb Chihuahua pup! lol

    Oh Donna - I had my Balenciaga's on the floor of my room. My pup just got brought to me today from another state, and I was so excited to see the little guy again that I didn't even think about removing anything from the floor! He's definitely not in trouble, though! I can't yell at/punish my babies no matter what they do :push:
  8. ^^ awe, i'm so sorry about your b-bag sweetie :sad:...i'm sure barbara from LMB will be able to help you...and in the meantime, enjoy your new little fur-baby :heart:
  9. Oh honey, call Barbara immediately.

    She should be able to help :heart:
  10. sorry about the little incident. hope LMB will be able to help you take the stain and smell out. good luck! enjoy your little baby pup.
  11. oh verty! I feel for you!! So sorry that happened to your beautiful bag! Take everyone's advice! Let us know the outcome and good luck!!!
  12. call a leather repair shop? then euthanize the dog.

    JUST KIDDING GUYS! but really, I would call a leather care or dry cleaner....
  13. Oh dear!! Well at least your new dog has good taste.
  14. I was wondering about this today. I was wondering what would happen if one of my dog were to pee on my bbag. Sorry that is happened to you and I hope LMB will be able to help you.
  15. OMG!!.. this is tough.. i hope it works out alright.. Try airing the bag. Put it in front of a fan.. it might lessen the smell..