My personalized LV portefeuille Emilie! (and story about the purchase)

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been dreaming about a LV portefeuille for EVER. And when I saw the Emilie I couldn't stop thinking about it...

    Ok, here comes the story! Haha...

    In Amsterdam we have a LV boutique in the PC Hooftstraat, but recently a LV shop-in-shop opened in De Bijenkorf, a big fashion 'mall' in Amsterdam. It's a smaller store than the first one, but looked quite good.

    I called the LV service desk about the Emilie and they told me that only the Bijenkorf LV shop had this wallet in store. So I biked (Amsterdam, huhuh :P) to the store.

    Unfortunately it was super super busy with only 2 or 3 SA's available. Too crowded! But the service desk told me there were only 2 Emilie's left in rouge so I HAD to get it.

    After waiting more than half an hour (......) finally someone was able to help me. A really nice, older man.

    First he didn't really know which wallet was the Emilie (:S). Than he said he only had the blue and green ones available.
    I told him that the service desk told me there were still 2 Rouge's left.
    He said: "ohhh, ok". And he went searching for it.
    After 5 minutes he finally found them.
    The Emilie was PERFECT!

    But.... I really wanted my initials on it, and I knew it was possible, because I saw some initalized Emilie's on the internet.
    He really tried to convince me NOT to personalise it. I really felt a bit stupid.
    First he said: "the Emilie is way to 'printed' to also put initials on it. It's too much." But I thought: on the inside it's quite calm looking, so it's possible.
    Then he said: "I don't know if the material can handle the way we initialize it, because it's a hot thing that does it" (or something).
    I said: "is it possible? is it a risk?"
    And he doubted and doubted and doubted... and finally said: "ok, oh well, if you REALLY want it..... we'll do it."
    I was a bit confused: would it hurt the Emilie?! Was it a risk? What if I paid for it and the result would turn out bad??

    Finally we chose the initials... But he had SUCH a strong opinion about the size, color and dots-or-no-dots! I mean, I appreciate it if the SA advices me, but it was more like he wanted to push his opinion.
    In the end I decided, with his opinion mix with mine, to go with 3 letters: MVL, no dots, in black, the small size.

    He told me that 4 days later (Friday) I could come back and it would be finished.

    SO! Today I went back to the store. It was early in the morning and there were no customers in the store.
    Two SA's were standing and chatting at the desk and didn't greet me or anything.
    I had to walk to them and ask them about the Emilie. They looked at me like a was asking for fish or something.... they just gazed.
    One SA asked me: "ok..... do you have the card with all the information?"
    I gave it.
    Then she went away for TEN minutes and finally came back with nothing. She said: "did you get a call from us?"
    I said: "no, your colleague told me I could come back today and it would be ready."
    She said: "well, it's not ready. If you come back in 15 minutes it will be ready."
    I thought: "HUH?! I waited for four days and now it's ready in 15 minutes?!"

    So.... I just shopped around a little bit and after 15 minutes returned. The whole store was crowded and no-one could help me.
    I waited again for like 15 minutes when finally a SA came to me and handed the Emilie. She was really busy and sort of pushed the box to me.

    THANK GOD.... it was fine. The initials were pretty and the Emilie wasn't harmed at all.
    She put it in a bag really really quick and just said: 'EHH BYE'. And ran out to help someone else.

    So. To end this story: I'm totally in love with my initalized Emilie, but the service in the LV store Bijenkorf Amsterdam is (excuse my French) CRAP. :sad:

    But let's look at the Emilie for some happiness:






    Thanks for reading my long long story! (and I apologize for my bad English at some times...)

    Much love & enjoy your weekends,
    Monique from Amsterdam
  2. I am so sorry to hear what a bad experience you had. Not all of the stores are like that! Glad that everything turned out well with Emilie though :smile:
  3. Congrats!!!! Way to hold your ground on getting what YOU want the way YOU want it!!! Enjoy her as she GORG!!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  4. Wow! What a run-around!! but your Emilie is gorgeous! Congrats :smile: and enjoy your weekend too :smile:.
  5. Sorry you had such crappy service but congrats on your new purse
  6. congrats! shame about the poor service :sad:
  7. Sorry about the poor customer service. Such a turn off. Congrats on your wallet! It looks great with your initials.
  8. I'm sorry to hear about the poor customer service but it was worth while: the Emilie with your initials looks so classy, congratulations!!! Have a nice weekend and enjoy your new goodie! Your English sounds perfect to me but then again, I'm native Dutch as well :biggrin:.
  9. I'm sorry you had horrible service but the Emilie looks great! Congrats!
  10. Wow what crappy service!!! But love the wallet and the initials!! Glad you have your wallet unharmed and in your hands!!
  11. Congrats on your wallet! Love the red color :smile:
  12. It looks gorgeous with your initials! Congrats :smile:
  13. Very nice! Glad everything turned out ok!
  14. That's a shame about the subpar service you received, but congrats on your wallet and I hope you enjoy it, it's beautiful!
  15. Congrats. At least you got it and love it. Enjoy!