My personalized Goyard reveal :)

  1. Sooo happy my St. Louis is finally back in my arms and spiffed up :biggrin:



    I love how it's a bag AND a box in one :tup:



  2. Here it is!




    & my Fendi bag bug fits perfectly :biggrin:


  3. Very unique. Enjoy your new SL.
  4. just beautiful. i love you st louis and love the bag bug.
    what size is your st louis?
  5. It looks great! The stripes really bring out the red.
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    Looks great!

    Congrats & enjoy!
  7. Congrats!!!!
  8. twins except for the awesome personalization!
  9. Love this the red or the maroon color?
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    Thanks guys! :biggrin:

    thanks :smile: it is the PM size

    haha thanks, I love all the Goyardine colors, but especially the looks great in any season and I never get sick of it :biggrin:

    thank you :smile: this is the red color, it can be kind of hard to take pictures that really do it justice, but the paintjob is vibrant & absolutely flawless. I couldn't be more pleased :loveeyes:
  11. Love!!!
  12. Very unique and cool! I am sure you are beyond excited, have fun and enjoy with great health!
  13. Thanks guys! :biggrin: