My personal Birkin travel protector arrived !

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  1. I can't believe Longchamp sent this so quickly. I ordered it online 12/15 and it arrived this morning ! You can specify the color, handle length, stripe color, embroidery. I used the orange stripe for Hermes.

    So if you see me in the airport, say hello !

    It is the perfect size for the 35cm Birkin. Airport security - I'm ready for you now !!
  2. Ooooooh! Great idea.
  3. love it! I think I may have to oder one.....he, he....what are the specs, HL?
  4. That is a great idea!
  5. I need one, too! Can you give us the dimensions you used when you ordered?
  6. I was looking at it in the store this week and the "XL" will fit the 35 birkin.
  7. Wow fast service!!! I love LC bags/totes...
  8. GF, I just ordered the largest bag with long handles. The ordering process was very easy.

    Too bad I couldn't add TPF !
  9. Thanks, L!
  10. I have the same bag thanks to GinaB! (BTW, Where is GinaB???) It is my protect the birkin/have an extra carryon for a new H something bag!!! LOL...came in handy in LV...hand carried the birkin and LC tote carried my new kelly...
  11. what a great idea! i want to get one too
  12. OMG i've been looking for one of those!! but didn't know what size or whats the name of this style.. ill check the website again
  13. Oh, YEAH!!!!! Me too!!!! I love the embroydery!!!!!
  14. Excellent - thank you!
  15. HL love the idea of the orange stripe paying homage to Hermes!!