My personal bags showcase

  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to say I love this forum, and I love looking at everyone's collection. I'm fairly new to the site, sooo, I'd like to formally introduce myself and the designer bags I own. My LV Parioli is on its way, I'll post a pic when I get it:yes:

    1- Coach bags
    2- Prada pochette and Tressor wallet
    3- LV Alma monogram
    purse collection 001.jpg Alma.JPG prada.JPG
  2. Welcome to the PF:yahoo:

    Nice collection, congrats:yes:
  3. Welcome to tPF! You have a great collection and I especially love the prada wallet!
  4. I love your alma :love: The leather looks so naked and new!
  5. Your Alma is gorgeous!!:love: Welcome!!:flowers:
  6. Thanks spablo! The Alma is my very first LV purchase. It's barely 2 weeks old, hehe!:yes:
  7. Wow, love the Alma. Congrats on your first LV purchase.
  8. mmmm... new Alma... :heart:.
  9. Thanks to my fellow bag lovers! I fell in love with my whole buying experience, and now I am hooked. I have been telling everyone in my family that I ONLY want Louis Vuitton giftcard for my birthday and Christmas:yes: . Oh wait, do they even sell giftcards at the actual boutique? Hehe. And to add to that, a week after buying the Alma, I went on Ebay and found a perfect work bag for me, the Parioli. I am sooo excited to get that!!! :P It's used, but it's a damier, so it will be hard to tell the age! I will post pics when I get them!!:yes:
  10. ^^^I know!!! One LV and you have to have more!!! Great collection :heart:
  11. Nice Start!!!!:love: WELCOME!!!!!:heart:
  12. Welcome and thanks for sharing!
  13. nice collection.. that alma looks really nice..
  14. Thanks all! :flowers:
  15. Welcome, LTV! Great collection...and a fellow northwest girl too, woo hoo!