My pergamena Slone arrived!

  1. :yahoo:I'm so excited:yahoo:

    After the whole DHL delivery gone wrong with my first Sloane from Bluefly, I nervously bought a cream Sloane from them again. This time I made sure to get signature confirmation, plus I waited at home all day and religously checked the front door for the package.

    It was totally worth it though, cause I'm in love with my first BV! :heart:

    Here are the photos. (Can someone confirm that the color is pergamena? I thought it would be whiter than this, but I'm actually glad that it's not)
    BV 002.jpg BV 003.jpg BV 004.jpg BV 006.jpg BV 007.jpg
  2. Aaaahhhh:nuts:It's beautiful. I love it. Wish I had kept mine.

    Alright, I have regained my composure. It looks really beautiful on you. Enjoy!
  3. it looks great on you maedchen.:tup:Congrats!!!
    i think it is pergamena. i have a cocker in this colour, but it is different leather so it looks like a slightly different shade, but im sure you are right.Have fun!!
  4. :woohoo: Gorgeous! Maybe the first Sloan wasn't meant to be because this is a beauty!
  5. Yay!!! A successful delivery! It's just gorgeous and creamy and delicious. Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous Maedchen! It looks great on you! Congrats:yahoo:
  7. oooh looks great on you - the wait has been worth it ! now you are making me want a sloane too.
  8. WOW! That's super chic on you! TDF!!!!
  9. So stylish! Congratulations on your gorgeous Bottega Sloane. That color will work year 'round.
  10. maedchen, Pergamena is cream/slate - off white, so this should be it. It's fabulous in the Sloane. Enjoy this beauty, you looked great!
  11. Fabulous looking bag!
  12. Congrats!!! Love it!!!
  13. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to use her. I'm just going to spray her, and then I'll take her out!
  14. Congratulatins! Now we are Sloane twins! I have the exact same bag and yes, it is pergamena. Enjoy it and wear it in good health.
  15. Yeah! Successful delivery! And it looks like it was worth the wait. Gorgeous color and just in time for summer.