My Perfume Print Beach Towel Has Arrived!! *PICS*

  1. Fedex actually delivered the towel a couple of days ago, but I am just now getting around to posting pics. It is A LOT bigger than I thought it would be and it is soooo soft!! I love it, except it is my mother's!! She ordered it at PCE and for $88 plus the discount, I think that I should've ordered one too. Stupid me.:cursing:


  2. Rhonda that is gorgous!!!
  3. I know and now I am so wishing that I had bought one. I guess I still could, but it would've been nice with the discount!
  4. Oh I love it!!! :biggrin:
  5. Hey Rhonda do you think mom could give to you say from the easter bunny? lol:graucho:
  6. Oh that's cute!!
  7. Actually, knowing my mom, yes she would. She is the sweetest, most giving person ever and I am so lucky that she is my mother:yahoo: ! I know she will share with me!
  8. that is beautiful! amazing!!!
  9. Oh that is so cute!! I want one!!!!
  10. :heart:33 itttt.
  11. Super cute! :smile:
  12. So cute!!! It's like a beach sheet instead of a towel
  13. That is beautiful!!! It looks great on the bad to bad they don't make bedspreads!!:graucho:
  14. That is big!!! Thanks for sharing pics!
  15. Wow, I am sure that now you can't wait for beach days to arrive!!! Congrats and wish you Mom will let you borrow it.