my PERFECT inferno caramella, thanks to MEGAMI!!

  1. I've been wanting a caramella for soooo long but I had no idea which print to get it in! I finally decided on an inferno one partly because the print is dark since I'll be handling it a lot!

    Well, THANKS TO MEGAMI, I was able to get one thats PERFECT for me!! :yahoo:It has "Dentally Hygienic Adios" along with majority of the little demons with FOOD!! I'm in :love:!!! I already took the chain and qee off and I cant wait to use it!!

    BTW Megami, I loved how you turned the box inside out to reuse it!! Smart thinking!! Hahaha now I know how to reuse boxes without having to cover everything up!! :yes: I'm a dork.

    PICTURES!! :biggrin:

    Dentally Hygienic Adios is on the front!! :heart:

    FOOOOOOOD :greengrin:
  2. It's so cute!! Congratulations! :tup:
  3. Oh yellow devil with cake... I love it! Congratz!
  4. it's adorable, Miss: Dana! Inferno rules!! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks :love: I cant stop looking at it :shame:
  6. Aww, that's adorable! I didn't even want an Inferno.. until now! (Well, not as much as a Paradiso anyway..) I love that cute little black dog on the left side! Okay now I kinda need one. My wallet is hating me right now. D:
  7. Dog?? :confused1: You mean the black cat next to the bones?? hehe he's a cutie!! :love: Buyyyy inferno!! :graucho: You know you want it!! :lol:
  8. That's a CAT?!?! LOL, I honestly have no idea now, but I love it either way. I kinda figured it was a dog.. cause it was next to bones..? :p
  9. awww it's cuuute!!! I love inferno!!! congrats Dana!!
  10. LOL I dont know why its next to a pile of bones either.. maybe it just devoured something..? :lol: But I guess people would associate BLACK CATS with inferno rather than.. well, dogs :smile:

    Thanks TokidokiAngel!! :greengrin:
  11. Its soo cute, especially with dental dude
  12. Ooo:huh:O it is very cute Dana ^__^
  13. that's lovely! i love that pink ipod girl :biggrin:
  14. hehehehe thank youuu ^___^

    I kept giggling while opening the box and when I DID open it, I SCREAMED :yahoo: <-- kind of like that. MY bf freaked out :lol:
  15. He must think you're a nut job. I know mine does.