My PERFECT Hermes dream last night!

  1. Yesterday Vlad and I were talking about me getting my first Birkin. I told him I wanted to go to Paris to try to get one (of course I said that! :amuse:). So I fell asleep with Hermes on my mind!

    I had the most amazing dream last night. I dreamt that my good friend Kim and I were in Europe and got a call that had a tip there was a 30 cm BJ Birkin at the store in Paris. She and I hopped on about 4 different trains to make it there. I told her I HAD to have the bag! So when we popped in the store, there she was, my 30 cm BJ Birkin, in the corner. I looked at it and found the first SA, her name was Julia. I told her I wanted the bag. Next thing I know it was mine and I was paying for it. I for some reason had my carry-on luggage with me and I put the box in there (I realize it would not fit in reality but it did in my dream!). As I was leaving the store, Julia told me it was her first day and she had no way to get me any other bag. That part was a bummer, but the dream was amazing!!

    So everyone- does it mean a Birkin is in my future??? I sure do hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I don't know how to read into other people's dreams, but I sure hope Ms. BJ Birkin is soon making an entrance into your life.

    Did you stay in bed and linger on....? Such a sweet dream.
  3. Hah, that's called prophecy!

    I thought you went to order a birkin when you went to europe a few months ago, Megs, the part where you posted about your bottega bag. :drool:
  4. Megs, I am crossing my fingers and toes in great anticipation for you! May the H gods smile on you! :p
  5. Yes! Like the 8-Ball-It is most decidedly so.
  6. I hope soooooo!!:tender:
    xxx ill be crossing my fingers xxxx
  7. Oooh what a nice dream :smile: fingers crossed here too :tup:
  8. I hope it comes true for you!!!
  9. woo! maybe you should plan a trip pretty soon! :wlae:
  10. megs, i wouldn't wake up if i had a dream like that! i think a BJ birkin is on it's way to you!
  11. Wow Megs, cool dream! Stranger things have happened, so just hang on to that dream and I am sure one day you will be carrying a beautiful BJ 30cm Birkin just like in your dream.
  12. Megs, this dream is the prelude to the real thing!
  13. Maybe you are getting engaged!:nuts:

    (and then the wedding gift from your honey...
    the lovely birkin!!!:okay:smile:
  14. It's definitely an omen! YAY!!! I think a birkin is definitely in your future!!!!
  15. Yup! That's certainly a sign for something to come!