***My Perfect + Friendly SA got me 3 fantastic items!!*** \^0_0^/

  1. Long Story:

    I haven't had the best of luck with SAs since coming back from my years spent in Australia, but finally managed to find a fantastic gem in the smallest store in Singapore.

    I told him just a week or so back that I loved the Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux, and just had to have the Pomme Heart Purse and Pomme Pochette Cles. Bearing in mind this was our first meeting, I did not actually think he would help me actively look for the items.

    BUT he proved me very wrong! He not only called me to say he found me the Mirage after it had sold out way back when it was launched last year, he also reserved the Pomme Heart Purse and Pomme Pochette Cles for me, even though only 5 pieces came in for each.

    He also mentioned that after the other SAs from other stores saw the Mirage Speedy in the local inventory system, they kept asking him to release it for their customers but he was firm in keeping it for me.

    And cos I am a super worry bug, he even called and sms-ed to assure me that I could pick them up a week later on Sunday, and that no other SA would sell away my items.

    I :heart: my SA!!!!

    Short Story:

    I got the Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux, Pomme Heart Purse and Pomme Pochette Cles.

    I :heart: my SA!!!!

    PS: I also uploaded a photo of my Cherry Blossom Pochette with my Wallace Prada Trick which I brought out today. I love her to bits, she is my favourite bag.

  2. Great pics....you have great taste! :party:
  3. CONGRATS!!!

    i was in singapore holidaying in Dec and i bought my mahina xxl in the LV at DFS! i can't remember name of the girl SA who was helping me. BUT SHE'S awesome!

    LOVE your new stuff! i hope i get me a new LV baby soon!:tup:
  4. Congrats ... you will have to give your SA a thank-you gift ...love the mirage:heart:
  5. Congrats!!! Very nice.
  6. The speedy is gorgeous- congrats!
  7. congrats on the super finds
  8. What a great SA making your day by finding you the items you wanted - your Speedy is absolutely gorgeous enjoy using it.
  9. *drooling over your mirage speedy* congrats! enjoy your items! what a great sa!
  10. Congrats! Great goodies and what a nice SA!
  11. I love the Speedy! Congrats!
  12. What an awesome SA!!! That red/creme CB Pochette is TOOOOO cute!!! :love:
  13. Love your new goodies and the pics...I have that CB too!
  14. wow can u share the name of your SA? i go to raffles hotel boutique usually and is wondering about the other boutiques' service :smile:.
  15. OMG Congrats !!! I know how much you wanted all of these, SO HOT !!!. I love the CB pochette too, the alignment of the flowers is so unusual !! :flowers: