My Perfect 1st Balenciaga Bag

Finally my first Balenciaga bag!! After deciding between (Trevi PM), I decided to get a Balenciaga bag!

I was so happy when my package arrived yesterday!


I :heart: Balenciaga!

I originally ordered it in sorbet because I love pink but decided to change it to black at the very last minute. My boyfriend helped me decide and asked me which one I would get to use more. I went with black because it goes with everything.

It's the perfect bag for me because it's everything I pictured it out to be. Thick, smooshy and not dry! I love it!

My Black City RH!




Thank you Fendi213, MissMerion and pursete.

I wanted pink so I can have a bright pop color for a first bag but I also wanted something I can use everyday and get my money's worth. :smile:

I know you guys have seen a lot of black City bags so this is nothing new but this is my first so it's memorable and I love it! :biggrin: