my pelvis is killing me!!

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  1. im seriously in a lot of pain!! i didn't hurt this bad with either of my sons. i talked with my doc about it at my last appt and she pretty much just said that yeah it gets worse with each pregnancy. i don't understand how the ladies that have 4,5,6 or 19 children have done it!

    i have an exercise ball and i bounce on it often. i do kegels and i do the pelvic rock. nothing helps!! i have to take tylenol pm at night to be able to sleep some what comfrotably. but when it comes to getting on my feet after sitting's a nightmare. it takes me literally 5 mins.

    when i go to roll over in the bed and night, i hear a loud POP and it hurts so bad! i dread having to pee, i know i have to try to stand up and walk...and that's another thing...walking is a killer. i thought it was supposed to help. it makes it worse for me. if we go to the store or out and about and i walk for awhile the next day the pain is 75% worse.

    im dreading getting bigger, i know the extra weight and pressure is going to be hell. :Push: so you think i need to up my potassium and calcium? any other exercises i can do to help strengthen my pelvic floor? i just want to feel better and be able to walk and get up with more ease.
  2. Honestly? I've been in so much pain that I haven't worked since being 20 weeks pregnant! I go to the orthopedist, physical therapy and nothing is really helping :sad:. All I can offer you is a shoulder!!! lol I can barely go food shopping or anything that requires me being on my feet more than 20 minutes, getting up from any sitting position kills me and I can honestly barely walk. It kills me to hear of all the moms that are able to work (I miss it!) or walk for that matter.
  3. I had that too at about 20 weeks until recently. It hurt SO badly and whenever I stood up it felt like all the blood was rushing to my pelvis and it would start feeling numb too. My Dr. also said that it can happen with your second pregnancy on and recommended a maternity belt which I never ended up getting. Weirdly as I'm now bigger, the pain is not as bad...or maybe I'm so focused on how large and uncomfortable my belly is, I don't notice it as much!

    Look up reviews on maternity belts and see what other mamas say about them. Good luck, I know how bad it can hurt!
  4. Yup I too am suffering everyday since wk 28. I googled it and people say it's the most painful thing before labor. Oops that was supposed to be pubic bone pain not quite pelvic bone.. pubic bone is more painful feels like walking with broken leg without treatment.

    I also have the fitness ball, I do yoga and go for 2 mile brisk walks. Pain is much more intense after the walks plus Braxton Hicks in 3 places, but better after yoga stretches. Extra calcium and potassium don't help with relief either, if you want to try make sure you consume more water, go easy as they lead to more constipation.

    Unfortunately there's no relief other that sitting down. But when getting up it's another story :P
  5. ok, so i will hope and pray that it gets easier the bigger i get.

    and honestly what is the difference between the pelvis and the pubic bone? im thinking the pubic bone is in the front and the pelvis is the rest?

    all i know is that it's between my legs and then spreads out to the sides. and yes it feels like my leg isn't in the socket right or it's broken.

    i was looking at what is in my prenatal vitamins and there is only 28mg of calcium and no i think i will add some potassium and try to drink/eat more dairy.
  6. I started having the same pains in my 32nd week! It has been hell getting in and out of bed and in and out of my SUV. DH says I have started waddling like a duck...LOL
  7. was there... i feel your pain, i had to get a maternity belt-- it helped some but not much... my doctor told me just to sit still and rest when the pain emerges... i did that , but when it was time to get up and go to the bathroom, it wasw hell, felt like the bottom was dropping out from under me.. you are only half way there , I hope it gets better for you..
    hugs to you...