My pegase is broken...

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  1. I used my pegase 55 as a carryon on my trip to france (to get the lockit home safely). This is The 3 time I use it, it's 10-11 months old. It's never been overloaded, and I just had my lockit in it this time. On the airport I noticed that it was a hole in The fabric attatching The zipper to the canavas...
    I'll be bringing it in to LV tomorrow. Hopefully they can fix it fast, nerd it in a couple of weeks.. Anyone else had problems whit theire pegase??

  2. I have had several problems with mine. My bar on the bottom and wheels have come off before as well as my handle. I opened a thread on her about it and basically the outcome was use cheap luggage because its going to get messed up, even if you carry it on and dont check it. I now use a DVF suitcase set to get checked and an Icare bag as a cary on that goes under the seat, not overhead. LV will fix it but they will charge you and it will take a few weeks at minimum, unless the airline was somehow at fault, which I had happen about ten years ago with a keepall that I checked in instead of using it as a carryon (silly silly me) However the airline replaced it in full.