My pegase 70

  1. Ok, so I know I bought my pegase 70 knowing very well that I would have to check it in when I fly, but after going on a long trip and coming home I glanced at it and there was a big mark/graze down the side. I was devistated, I just cant imagine if they were handling bags correctly how it could've happened. Am I being paranoid and should just get over it because I bought it knowing something like this would eventually happen. Can LV fix grazes?:crybaby::confused1:
  2. have you tried cleaning it sometimes they aren't as bad as they look

    They may fix it but what if it happens next time you use it are you going to fix it everytime just use it and enjoy it, it's what they were made for it adds character
  3. I tried cleaning it, it didn't do much, there is still a graze, but you're right. It adds character and I'll enjoy it. I feel a lot better about it now, thanks :yes: :smile:
  4. I agree. They can also luggage wrap it for you. Try baby wipes and mr clean magic eraser.
  5. I suggest possibly using a Mr. Clean Magic eraser?
  6. no problem the first time is the hardest
  7. I would try mr.clean.
  8. you can try cleaning it- but if a luggage piece has to be checked then it is going to get all banged up. sad i know. thats why i haven't been able to bring myself to get any large luggage pieces.
  9. next time try doing this:idea: