My Pearls - Fleur De Strass & Fleur De Strass with crystal Camelia...

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  1. Hi Ladies, I am so excited, I just got my second strand of Chanel pearls....the Fleur De Strass with the crystal Camelia !

    I bought my first strand of the Fleur De Strass at that opening of the remodeled Chanel in Beverly Hills, and from there it was pure love. So, when I saw the same style with this beautiful Camelia on it in crystals...I was smitten. I found it at the NM in Beverly Hills...and got double points !!

    Both strands look great with the CC earrings I got a week or so back.

    The pictures aren't great - the flash gives the pearls a strange look, but they are so beautiful in real life. I tried to show that the flower is very dimensional in appearance. On the back of the flower is a smooth surface with the CC and the crystal points poke through the setting holes. Unlike the original Fleur De Strass this one has one CC that is much larger and than other cc's.

    Gosh, I am sooo addicted, but hey, it is a beautiful addiction...hehehe.:yahoo:
    IMG_5231a.JPG IMG_5223b.JPG IMG_5206c.JPG IMG_5201d.JPG
  2. OOh lovely pictures and lovely jewelry. Congrats! I love the necklace with the camelia. It looks very elegant.
  3. Very pretty, would love modeling pics:smile:
  4. I never saw this necklace, the one with the big flower and the big CC, very pretty, and different too :tup:

    Is the giant Camelia heavy? Can I ask how much it cost?
  5. Wow, that's pretty! Congrats!

  6. It has a bit of weight to it. It is positioned high on the side - so it is suppose to stay flat against the body ...we will see. Because if it starts flipping around like a fish, it is going back. hehehe.

    The cost was $1795.00.

    I was so attracted to it when I saw it - but walked away, only to call a few days later and purchase it. I think it will look nice layered with the other strand. Very Coco...
  7. Soooooooooo gorgeous! I really need a modeling pic though!!
  8. Wow, very nice! Have yet to see those IRL, very pretty!
  9. Thanks ladies, for your sweet compliments on my new babies...gosh I am so weak when it comes to these beautiful things..and of course tpf helps the weakness...hehehehe.:p
  10. I am leaving tomorrow to go back east for a week, maybe modeling pictures when I get back...though I am not very good at taking the time to do modeling pictures.:rolleyes:
  11. Ohhh, your new pearls are very pretty and unique!!! :heart: :nuts: I'd love to see them on you as well, to get a better idea of how they look! :smile: I have and LOVE the Fleur de Strass pearl necklace too, it's soo gorgeous (I'm breaking mine out this weekend for a wedding hehe)!! :heart:
  12. It is gorgeous. If I had a more complete bag collection, I would move onto jewelry.
  13. Beautiful piece of jewelry. Can't wait to see the modeling pics. Congratulations!
  14. congrats! the necklace is stunning! enjoy :heart:
  15. Oh, enjoy them...I wore the first strand while in Monterey, but have yet to wear the Camelia. Have fun at the wedding.