My PCE Story

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  1. I went to the boutique to buy 2 items but I ended up with 3!
    I went on Monday to check everything out but today they had more items. They had the poppy flower necklace I saw on the website video the other day. It has different colors of flowers and it is all crystals. I saw the apple necklace. It is really big. I saw the Crystal multicolor coach bib necklace. I don't remember the name of it but it was a bit too busy. They did have some stack rings in a pink crystal/gold combo and a clear crystal/silver combo. I saw a peace sign/heart and star I think necklace. It reminded me of the brass heart, star large keyfob they had last fob. Here's the funny part. They had some of these fobs too! I wanted to try the crimson patent shoulder bag but it was up high. In fact all the good stuff was up high. I didn't want to get off track so I just told an SA what I wanted. I also found a 3rd surprise that I couldn't resist. While waiting for my items I asked the SA to get the Ginger bag I had seen. They had it in black. I really wasn't interested in this bag but since it had a similar styling to the Devin, I asked to see it. They only had it in black. It is pretty boxy but the leather isn't stiff. I like the lacing detail on it. The very large hangtag even has lacing on it. The two short straps fit easily over my very large arms. This is a plus for me. I wouldn't want to carry such a large bag in my hand. I did not take the long strap out. The bag has a really cute surprise. Inside the turnlock flap is a kisslock coin purse. Very smart. Maybe a Ginger is in my future after all.

    Now for my new beauties:

    An old beauty I never revealed - Ms. Floral Sophia

    Gathered Wallet

    Gathered Shoulder Bag

    And my surprise find - Pinky! I think I got the last one.
  2. Love your gathered set! I picked up the wallet today :yahoo:
  3. :woohoo: I :heart: :love: :heart: your new goodies, Icecaramellatte!! :drool:

    I never tire of seeing these bags & the wallet -- and your Pinky is just darling!

    TY for the info on Ginger, too.
  4. Love Pinky~
  5. :yahoo::woohoo: YYAAYY...Nice haul!!! CONGRATS!! Bag twins on the Gathered Shoulder!!! Isn't she just so heavenly??! Any mod shots?
  6. love the pinky..She's so cute.
  7. I love it all!!! the Floral Sophia is gorgeous and :heart: your gathered set and poppy :heart:
  8. :amazed::woohoo:Okay your Gathered Madison Shoulder bag and matching wallet is HOT! Congrats!!!!
  9. Congrats!!!
    The Floral Sophia is very nice!!! So are the pleated Sophia Handbag and matching wallet!!!
    Very cute Pinky Key Fob!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Belle79, Dawnqueenb69, Fonka, Uhkwi and Truecoachaddict for your kind comments.

    Thanks. I really should have posted about the Ginger in the Fall thread. I think I will cut and paste it.

    As soon as I heard there was a Gathered Shoulder bag, I knew she would be mine. I love the Sophia but I really am a shoulder bag girl. Mod Pics? I need to find someone to take them for me so I don't know right now.
  11. I love everything. You have such good taste. Congrats!!!
  12. Gees, that gathered shoulder bag is something else. So classy and hot at the same time. I've been loving the shape of that one shoulder bag. With the pleats, it is to die for. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I really need to stay off this forum this fall. Too many lovely bags.
  13. Great buys. Congrats :smile:
  14. i love your new additions... its a great set!
  15. So fabulous:nuts: ... that gathered shoulder bag is too gorgeous! Super jealous of your gathered Madison set, congrats and enjoy all your new goodies!