My PCE saga continues...Yet another new Chelsea Beauty

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  1. Hi all,

    Well I loved my Chelsea buffalo dowel flap that I got as a pce exchange and I posted about last week, but in less than a week, it started to fall apart on the sides of the flaps. :shocked:. The threads started coming loose that held the longer strap too. So it was time to take her back and do yet another trade in or exchange.

    I decided to get the tote instead. I love it! Here is a pic taken a few minutes ago with my iphone.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. OOOOooooo looks very nice!! I like how it becomes smooshy! I used to only like structured bags but not Im liking the unstructured look! I have this bag in the caramel color and I haven't even used it yet!!
  4. I actually like the tote better than the dowel flap and I loved the dowel flap. I was not willing to take a chance again given the quality issues on my dowel flap though. I am NOT the type to return things, but the threads were unraveling after literally less than a week on the dowel flap.:huh:

    It all worked out for the best though because I really like this purse better. :love:
  5. That is gorgeous. I'd kill for it except I'm sure it's way bigger than I normally go for. It's stunning though - I like it way better that the dowel flap myself. Congrats - I'm jealous, it's beautiful!! And I LOVE the fob on it!!
  6. Ooh, gorgeous!!! We are almost bag twins -- I have the big Chelsea tote in curry and in gold metallic....the buffalo grey was WICKED TEMPTING, however....and we're twins on the adorable NYC key fob! I don't usually buy key fobs unless they're at the outlet, but this one was too hard to resist.

    Enjoy your new bag! It's beautiful.
  7. it's a monster of bigness. big leather monster that is! i do like the dowel flap, but i hate flaps so the tote would be better in reality....ahem if i were to get one, one day. i hate to hear about threads unraveling, but this is a great bag congrats!
  8. Thanks everyone! :smile: The bag is HUGE, so if you do not like big bags this is not the bag for you. I love big bags and this is huge even for me, but I really really like the way it looks and feels and of course it holds all my girlie stuff and all my geek stuff like my ipad or my macbook air. It looks much nicer on than the dowel flap in my opinion. I didn't even try it before because of the hugeness and because I have so many Kristin totes, but I am glad I took a chance on this beauty.

    Here is a slightly better picture. My iphone is not taking good pictures today.

  9. Gorgeous bag!
  10. Sorry the Dowel Flap didn't work but the Tote is Beautiful!!!
    Congrats and Enjoy!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:

  11. It all worked out even better than I could imagine. I LOVE this tote!:cloud9:
  12. That is one Gorgeous bag. Enjoy it.
  13. Congrats, it's a beautiful bag!
  14. Yay! I love the way everything in that buffalo texture feels and this tote is just a huge pile of leathery awesomeness. I'm sorry to hear about the dowel flap, but it sounds like it all worked out for the best anyway.

    Congrats and enjoy!
  15. Thanks everyone! :smile: I took this bag to the cafe and had my macbook air in there and it felt great to carry! I am SO happy with this exchange. :hbeat: