My PCE Reveal :) YAY I love my new Purse

Aug 14, 2006
That color is the best!
I wanted this when it came out - but had to wait and I got a call from the Store telling me about the PCE. YAY
Love the color- congrats
I love it. I wanted the Aegean Kristin - but this was bought for my mother-in-law. She loves her aegean kristin purse. Since that time, I wished for Aegean. I knew I couldn't let this one pass by. So I saved up for it. Until I knew I could buy it.
lovee this bag! one of my fave colors for Fall. And the mermaid key fob looks great :smile:
I had this key fob waiting patiently for the 'right' purse for it. :biggrin:
I'm very intrigued by the idea of youtube reveals! Hope to see more like this, great way to see the bag in "3-D".
Yes, I love to watch purse videos on youtube. So I added this today. :smile: