**My PCE Reveal** (and I don't think I'm done!!!)

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  1. Who's around to see what I've gotten so far during PCE??!!
  2. I'm here, I'm here
  3. Me! Finally here for a live one!
  4. Yeah, i'm here
  5. me me me!!
  6. First up, Large Alexandra in Berry


    And with matching sunnies

  7. me
  8. Nice choices!!
  9. This one I tried to find at the outlet but no luck. My wonderful SA found it for me!
    Kristin Python Drawstring Hobo

  10. love the bag & matching sunnies, OP -- so sophisticated & classy!

    oooooh - now I see the Kristin drawstring hobo! you are gonna luv her!!
  11. Very nice!!!!
  12. Next Ocean Teal Mia Maggie

  13. Saffron Alexandra

  14. Congrats
  15. And my new favorite bag, my Hershey's Kiss!!!

    Madison Large Shoulder Bag in Mahogany